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Marriages by Banns (1754-1812)

Aysgarth Parish - Marriages (1754-1812) AYS/PR1/10. 


These records were transcribed by Joan Currington, Gayle Ing, Thoralby, Hannah Dinsdale, Low Gill, Aysgarth, Nora Spence, Aysgarth and Marian Kirby, Aysgarth. Typed by Marian Kirby of Aysgarth (1983/4). Records courtesy of The Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes. 


Below is a transcript of the marriages transcripts in tabular form. The 'Search' box at the top right hand corner can be used to find a surname, christian name, occupationabode or other element.


Occupation of Groom given from 1801.

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