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Thoralby Tithe Award

and Map, 1840

(The National Archives: IR 29/42/370, IR 30/42/370)

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The present-day township comprises 2,857 acres. The farms outside the main village to the east are Spickles Farm and Riddings and those to the west are Gayle Ing, Barker, Cote Bottom, Blind Syke, Swinacote, Howsyke, Crooksby and Littleburn. For a map showing the whole township see the section Three Townships.

The first map shows the whole village of Thoralby from Heaning in the west to Littleburn in the east. The map that follows shows the village in more detail, and shows some of the occupations of the inhabitants.


Below the maps is a transcription of the tithe award in a searchable table that shows owners and occupiers of property and land in 1840. Each field is listed by name together with its size and whether it was arable, meadow or pasture. There is also a table showing the crops grown - oats, barley and wheat - as there was still some arable land in the township.

Click on a map to enlarge it, then click on the two arrows at the top left corner to show the image full-screen size.

Above is Thoralby village from the 1840, Tithe map, reproduced courtesy of the National Archives: Reference no: IR 30/42/370. It shows the houses, coloured in red from Heaning to the East and Littleburn in the west.

The names of the properties to the east of this map are: Nell Holme, East Holme (Hestholme), transferred into Burton-cum-Walden township in 1881. Spickles Farm and Riddings, remained in Thoralby Township, click on the link for a map, of their exact location.

To the west the names of the properties are: Swina Coate, Blind Syke, Cote Bottom, Barker, Gayle-ing and How Syke, click on the link for a map, of their exact location.

Below is a close up of the above map, highlighting the numerous occupations, other than farming in the village in 1841, using the information from the tithes and the census returns.

Click on a map to enlarge it, then click on the two arrows at the top left corner to show the image full-screen size.

Riddings is off the map to the right but has been included because the occupation of its occupants would have been important to the local economy. They were coopers, making barrels and other wooden vessels, which would have been essential for storage. See the 1841 census for Thoralby for the occupations of all residents in the village.

The following is a transcription of the introduction to the Tithe Commutation Assessment for Thoralby produced in 1840, scroll down to view the transcript of the tithe award in tabular and searchable form:

"Whereas an Agreement for the COMMUTATION of TITHES in the Township of Thoralby in the Parish of Aysgarth in the County of York was on the Twenty-fourth day of January in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty, confirmed by the Tithe Commission for England and Wales, of which Agreement, the following is a Copy:- 

Provisional Agreement for the Commutation of the Tithes of the Township of Thoralby on the Parish of Aysgarth in the County of York pursuant to the Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales made and execute at a Township Meeting of the Land Owners and Tithe Owners within the limits of the said Township duly called and holden in the said Township and adjourned from time to time and now holden by adjournment on this seventh day of January  one thousand eight  hundred and thirty nine and since perfected by and between the Master Fellows and Scholars of Trinity College Cambridge Impropriate Rectors of the said Parish of Aysgarth and John Hutton and Christopher Other Esquires their Lesse[e]s  of the said Impropriate Rectory under a Lease for the term of sixteen years from the date thereof in which a Rent of less than Two thirds of the clear yearly value of the premises comprised therein and reserved (and which said Master Fellows and Scholars as such Impropriate Rectors and the said John Hutton and Christopher Other their Lessees as aforesaid are entitled unto jointly Owners of all the Tithes of the said Township within the meaning of the said act) of the one part of the several persons Landowners within the said Township by whom or by whose agents duly authorised in that behalf this agreement is executed, and the Interest of which Land Owners in the Lands of the said Township is not less than two thirds of the Lands of the Township subject to Tithes of the other part.

The Township of Thoralby contains by estimation Five thousand and seven hundred and fifty acres of Land Statute Measure


The whole of the Land is subject to the payment of tithes

The estimated quantity in Statute Measure of Land subject to Tithes within the said Township which is now cultivated as Arable Meadow or Pasture Land or otherwise is as follows.

Arable Land Thirty Acres 


Meadow or Pasture Land Five Thousand seven hundred and twenty acres

There are Twenty Acres of Woodland in this Township which is free from Tithe by prescription.


The following is a Table showing the moduses or customary payments payable in lieu of the Tithes of Hay and adjustment of several Estate Farms and Lands in this Township."


The full Tithe Award showing land and property ownership can be found below this section. 

Below is a transcript of the tithe award in tabular and searchable form. The 'Search' box at the top right-hand corner can be used to find a surname, house name, field name or other element. Present day house names where known are in brackets e.g. [Rose Cottage].

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