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 Bishopdale O.S.

Map 1896

                  The NLS (the National Library of Scotland) have a full collection of Scottish maps,  they do have also                                          several years of (out of copyright) Ordnance Survey six inch and one inch maps covering England.


If you go to the LINKS page on my website it will give you the link to maps that cover Thoralby and other places. You can move around them by grabbing and pulling, zooming in and out. You can even print copies. If you want to explore the full NLS collection click on the NLS link, on my website. 

Below is the O.S. map for Bishopdale from Dale Foot to Myres Garth (I have had to divide Bishopdale into 3 sections). Also this first map is joining of two maps as Dale Foot is on the OS map for Newbiggin (a feint white line indicates the join.

Below is the first section, Dale Foot to Myres Garth, east to west. I have underlined all the scattered farms which make up the township of Bishopdale. The farm of Dale Foot is just inside the boundary line for Bishopdale township and the nearby arrow indicates the township boundary with Newbiggin. Going up dale the next farm is Dada House (now uninhabited), next is New House Gill and the 'new bridge' over Bishopdale Beck. From here we move onto West New Houses (now known as New House), to the east is New Houses (later known as The Rookery) and above on the hillside is Scar Top. Back down in the valley bottom are Ribba Hall and Myres Garth. There is also a Limekiln for use on the land, in addition there are numerous field barns named.

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 Dale Foot - Myres Garth

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