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Monumental Inscriptions  Section F

St. Andrew's Church, Aysgarth

Inside and on church and at church gates. (Bishopdale Booklet No. 27). Courtesy of Jean Kington.

Section F


KEY - Bishopdale, NewbigginThoralby


Inside Church


North West Corner


1. Window.

To the memory of the Right Hon. Morris Lord ROKEBY late of Littleburn. Erected byElizabeth DUNN




To the honoured memory of the men of this parish who laid down their lives for their King and Country in the Great War 1914 – 1918


Pte James BELL Cameron Highlanders [- d. 4.10.1916 - Aysgarth]

Pte Harold BINKS 13th Yorks [- d. 22.3.1918 - West Burton]

Pte William Edward BUSHBY 20th D.L.I. [- d. 2.11.1918 - West Burton]

Pte George CHARLTON R.A.S.C. [- 1918 - Aysgarth ?]

Pte James Bell FAWCETT 8th Yorks [- d. 7.6.1917 - Thoralby]

Pte John Mills GOULD 17th North LD Fus [- 9.4.1915 - Thoralby]

Pte George Sidney GOULD Canadian E.F. [- 9.4.1917 - Thoralby]

Pte George Iveson HAMMOND 4th Yorks [- d. 3.9.1916 - West Burton]

*Pte William HEMSLEY 10th West Yorks [- d. 4.10.1917 - Thoralby] 

Pte Matthew HESELTINE Green Howards [- d. 14.9.1916 - Newbiggin]

Pte Matthew HESELTINE Green Howards [- d. 14.9.1916 - Thoralby]

Pte William Herbert KILBURN 3rd Yorks [- d. 3.9.1916 - Carperby]

Col John William LODGE 3rd Yorks [- d. 23.8.1917 - Bishopdale]

Pte Arthur MAWER R.A.S.C. [- d. 11.2.1916 - West Burton]

Pte Robert Pickering METCALFE 8th K.R.R.C. [- d. 24.8.1918 - Thornton Rust]

Pte John PERCIVAL 9th Yorks [- d. 8.4.1918 - Aysgarth]

Pte Timothy PERCIVAL R.F.A. [- d. 16.11.1918 - Carperby]

Cpl Joseph Dixon RAW M.M. 3rd Yorks [- d. 8.5.1918 - West Burton]

L/Cpl John SHANNON 10th Yorks [- d. 1.7.1916 - Carperby]

Pte Thomas SPENCE 4th Yorks [- d. 18.4.1919 - West Burton]

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

This tablet was erected by James C. and Jane WINN, The Grange, West Burton

* On Aysgarth village War Memorial, not Thoralby.


WAR MEMORIAL 1939 – 1945


L/Cpl Francis John CHAPMAN Durham [- d. 8.10.1941 - Thornton Rust]

L.I. Sgt. Thomas FOSTER Grenadier Guards [- d. 29.04..1943 - Carperby] (Parents from Bishopdale)

A/C Frederick William LAWSON R.A.F.V.R. [- d. 16.10.1941 - West Burton]

Pte Alan Louis SMITH Border Regt [- d. 14.05.1944 - West Burton]

‘And so they passed over and all the trumpets sounded for them’.

Erected by Mrs. RITCHIE, The Grange, West Burton 1947


Columns at the Altar

18. To the glory of God in loving memory of John HEDLEY of this parish who died 29 January 1955. To the glory of God and in loving memory of Hilda HEDLEY wife of John HEDLEY who died 8 August 1977


Lady Chapel

20. Brass plate. Here lies the body of George WRAY of Thoralby who departed this life January 14th in the 78th year of his age and the year of our Lord 1785. Also of Jane his wife who departed this life April 16th in the 80th year of her age and in the year of our Lord 1788


22. In memory of George WRAY esq of Townhead House, Thoralby who died October 14 1806 aged 49. Anne his wife who died March 17 1795 aged 27. Also of their sons Thomas Fawcet who died an infant December 13 1785, Thomas Fawcet killed in action in Spain April 6 1812 aged 25, Jonathan who died April 26 1801 aged 13, John who died February 18 1812 aged 23. This monument was erected by George, James, Septimus and Octavius surviving sons of George and Ann WRAY


24. Window Ad Dei gloriam et in atavorum memoriam hanc fenestram dicavit proles gratissima. To the memory of George WRAY of Thoralby Town Head in this parish, esquire who died 14 October 1806 aged 50 and Ann his wife who died 17 March 1795 aged 28. Also of their eight sons and the wives and children who died before 1871. Of such of their sons as were married namely 1. George WRAY of Cleasby in this county, Captain Bengal European Regiment born 1785 died 1838, Isabella his widow died 1848 and their 3rd son Christopher Wright WRAY H.M. 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers, surgeon, born 1825 killed by an avalanche in the valley of Wardhum in Cashmere 1853 unmarried. 2. Thomas WRAY born 1785 died in infancy. 3. Thomas Fawcet WRAY Lieut.H.M. 7th Fusiliers born 1786 killed at the. storming of Badaios 1812 unmarried. 4. Jonathan WRAY born 1787 died 1801 unmarried. 5. John WRAY born 1788 died 1810 unmarried. 6. James Taylor WRAY of Cliff Lodge near Leyburn in this county, esquire born 1790 died 1845 and Sarah his 1st wife died 1827. Also Julia his widow died 1860. 7. Septimus WRAY of Brixton in the county of Surrey M.D.M.R.C.P.Lond. born 1792 died 1869. His 1st wife Frances died 1846 and their daughter Fanny Julia born 1831 died 1852 unmarried. 8. Octavius WRAY, surgeon Bengal European Regiment born 1793 died at Agra in the East Indies 1836. Sarah his widow died 1870 and their eldest daughter Anne Fawcet “The Heroine of Cawnpore” wife of George William FRASER 27th Bengal Native Infantry died at Cawnpore in the East Indies 1857.


South Wall Nave 

36. Brass plate. To the glory of God and in loving memory of Robert LODGE of Bishopdale, churchwarden died September 12 1888, his daughter Alice LODGE died January 29 1914, his son John William LODGE, churchwarden died August 23 1917, his daughter Elizabeth Liddon LODGE died July 20 1920. Erected by his youngest daughter Isabella LODGE 1928


39. Window.

To the memory of Lawson DUNN and Ann his wife late of Thoralby by Elizabeth DUNN their Daughter



42. To Thomas Fawcett WRAY son of George WRAY esq of Townhead, Thoralby who died in the 25th yr of his age when Lieut in the 7th Fusiliers on 2nd day April 1812 in a storming party at Badajos. This marble is erected in token of esteem and regret by his brother officers in the Loyal Dales Volunteers. To the memory of Thomas Charge WRAY Colonel commanding the 2nd Battn H.M. Royal Irish Regiment who was the 3rd son of Octavius, surgeon H.E.I.C Bengal European Regiment: youngest brother of the above Thomas Fawcett WRAY. He died at Murree, India on the 22nd July 1888 aged 53. “Serabo Fidem”


Church Gate Pillars 1914-1918


50.  WAR MEMORIAL To the Honoured Memory of the men of this Parish who laid down their lives for their King and Country in the Great War 1914-1918



J. M. GOULD [- Thoralby]


A. M. MAWER [- West Burton]

J. SHANNON [- Carperby]

G. I. HAMMOND [- West Burton]

W. H. KILBURN [- Carperby]

M. HESELTINE [- Newbiggin]

M. HESELTINE [- Thoralby]

J. P. BELL [- Aysgarth]


J. B. FAWCETT [- Thoralby]

G. S. GOULD [- Thoralby]

J. W. LODGE [- Bishopdale]

R. P. METCALFE [- Thornton Rust]

*W. HEMSLEY [- Thoralby]


H. BINKS  [- West Burton]

J. PERCIVAL [- Aysgarth]

W. E. BUSHBY [- West Burton]

J. D. RAW [- West Burton]

T. PERCIVAL [- Carperby]

G. CHARLTON [- Thornton Rust]


T. SPENCE [- West Burton]

* On Aysgarth War Memorial, not Thoralby.


1939 – 1945


F. CHAPMAN [- d. 8.10.1941 - Thornton Rust]

F. W. LAWSON [- d. 16.10.1941 - West Burton]

T. FOSTER [- d. 29.04..1943 - Carperby] (Parents from Bishopdale)

A. L. SMITH [- d. 14.05.1944 - West Burton]

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