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Wensleydale Archive

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Welcome to Wensleydale Archives, a project set up by Jane Ritchie MBE to safeguard and display documents, maps, postcards, and photographs of the Wenslydale area. The material was collected by Jane's mother Mrs Margaret Ritchie, from a variety of sources; local, national and even international. We also have the benefit of her research into various aspects and history of the area.


It is hoped that the archive will be used as a source of historical data, as well as a point of access for further research.


Many of the photographs have little or no information such as the date taken, peoples' names and some precise locations are difficult to ascertain. Any associated history or any information you can provide would be really helpful. Have a look at the image gallery, and especially the holding album and if you have anything you can contribute then please do let us know in the comments under the pictures concerned, or send an email by using the contact page.


We do hope you find this archive interesting, thought-provoking and useful. We'd also really love you to get involved. Send us copies of your old photos, postcards, maps - in fact anything at all! If you're not sure how to do this, get in touch and assistance will be given.


We'd also love to read your old stories and if you're feeling brave, why not record it on video or audio? Don't worry about the technical stuff as we look after that! So come on, get involved so that the stories and histories of our wonderful dale aren't lost forever.

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Your Stories

About Wensleydale Archive

Jane Ritchie

Wensleydale Archives is a project that has developed from the collections of Mrs Ritchie, a well-known archivist of information about the history of Wensleydale, its people and places.

The material has been passed down to Mrs Ritchie's daughter, Jane Ritchie MBE (left) who realised that the best way to disseminate the information to interested parties would be to publish it on a website.


The collection contains maps, documents, photographs and postcards as well as historical research.

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