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Thoralby is a village in Bishopdale, which  is a side valley of Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales. This website explores the history of Thoralby, the neighbouring small hamlet of Newbiggin and the scattered hill farms in the rest of Bishopdale from prehistory to the late twentieth century.  


I was born at Holmeside Farm in Thoralby and raised in the village, where my family has lived for several generations. This website provides a wide range of primary evidence about Thoralby, Bishopdale and Newbiggin. Many of the documents have been transcribed to avoid breaching copyright laws. Please notify me if you find any errors or if you have any relevant information or images for the site.


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Bishopdale is both the name of a valley and the name of a township within that valley. There are three townships within the valley of Bishopdale: Thoralby, Bishopdale and Newbiggin. This can be confusing because Bishopdale can refer to the valley as a whole or to the specific township of that name in the upper reaches of the valley. To avoid this potential confusion, there is a tab called Bishopdale at the top of each page under which is a drop-down menu that leads to information about the valley as a whole. Then there are three more tabs, labelled Thoralby Township, Bishopdale Township and Newbiggin Township, under which can be found information pertaining to each specific township.

The bottom end of the valley is in a different township called Burton-cum-Walden or West Burton. Since most of this township is in the neighbouring valley of Walden, it has been excluded from this website, but material pertaining to that part of Burton-cum-Walden that lies in Bishopdale can be found under the Bishopdale menu.

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   World War One: Roll of Honour: Aysgarth Parish

                                  - All Who Served - 204

                Eleven additional names added since November 2018

                Three P.O.W.s included


 Aysgarth - Additional names added to V.A.D. Nurses with

 Dr.  Pickles c.1915


  Bishopdale - Commemorative cup and saucer from the            Peace  Celebrations in Bishopdale on Saturday 19th July 1919

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   Newspaper ExtractsThoralby (1777-1839)

                                         Thoralby (1840-1869)


   Thoralby ArticlesThoralby (1805-1961)

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