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1921 Census Returns:


Sunday 19th June 1921

The census was postponed for two months from April due to industrial unrest and no census was taken in Ireland due to the Irish War of Independence. This was the first census in the UK to ask about place of work and industry, and whether a marriage had been dissolved by divorce.


Enumeration District 7, Enumerator: James Lambert

National Archive (Reference TNA RG15/24192/0001)


The whole of the Civil Parish of Thoralby, comprising Gayle Ing, Barker, Cote Bottom, Blis Syke, How Syke, Swina Cote, Littleburn, Town Head House and Cottages, the village of Thoralby, Warnford, Heaning, Riddings, Spickles, Hallgaerth, Underscar Barn and Thornbers' Barn. 






The following information was recorded about each person: forename and surname; relationship to head of house; condition; marital status, if orphaned;  age, sex; number of rooms occupied; occupation; employment: employer, worker, own account, place of work and name and address of employer; where born; county/place; name of street, place or road, and name or number of house; nationality,  school attending whole or part time, number of children aged U16 and age at last birthday. Each household was completed by the head of house, or enumerator, but signed by the head of house, enabling you to see your ancestor’s handwriting and signature. (1921 example see below).


The whole of the Township of Thoralby contained 197 inhabitants, of whom 93 were male and 104 were female. There were 45 households. 

Map of Reg. District 4: Askrigg

Map of Registration District 4: Askrigg

Map of Wapentake Hang West

Thoralby Township highlighted in red in Aysgarth Parish, courtesy of YDNP

Go to Three Townships for a detailed O.S. map of the Thoralby Township.

Francis Furnish & family 1921, Spickles Farm, Thoralby

© TNA, Kew, London

Above is an image of the 1921 census, household No. 1, Francis Furnish, Spickles. 


Reproduced with the kind permission of The National Archives (Reference: RG 114/1677 - RD 540)

The table below is a transcription of the 1921 Census for Thoralby, the links added are to images of houses in my Postcards and Photographs collection. 

The table contains a lot of information, so it may be slow to upload fully. Please be patient.

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