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1861 Census Returns:


Sunday 7th April

Enumeration District 10; Folios 95-102; Enumerator: William Whalley.

National Archives (Reference: RG 9/3670)


The whole of the Township of Bishopdale including Dale Foot, Newhouse Gill, Dadah, Ribba, East and West New house, Scarr Top, Longridge, Kidstones, Dale Head, Howgill, Smelter and Myres Garth. The following information was recorded about each person: address; forename; surname; relationship to head of household; condition (i.e. marital status); gender; age; occupation, birth place (county and town or village); and whether blind, dead-and-dumb. A column has been added to record the folio and page number in the original manuscript. Original spellings have been retained even when these are incorrect.

The Township of Bishopdale contained 87 inhabitants, of whom 40 were male and 47 were female. There were 18 houses, of which 17 were occupied and 1 was unoccupied. 


Below is a transcript of the census return in tabular form. The 'Search' box at the top right hand corner can be used to find a surname, house name, occupation, birthplace or other element.

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