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1901 Census Returns:


Sunday 3rd April

Enumeration District 10 Folios 77-83, Enumerator: Richard Lord Dent.

National Archive (Reference Piece TNA RG 13/4605)


The civil Parish of Newbiggin (entire) Rural Sanitary District of Aysgarth (part of) Ecclesiastical Parish of Aysgarth (part of) Richmond Division of Yorkshire (part of). The whole of the civil Parish of Newbiggin, contents comprising the village of Newbiggin, Street Head, East Lane and West Lane House. The following information was recorded about each person: forename and surname; relationship to head of house; condition; marital status; age (separate columns for males and females); number of rooms occupied if less than five; occupation; employment: employer, worker, own account, or working at home; where born; county/place; name of street, place or road, and name or number of house and whether blind, deaf-and-dumb, lunatic, imbecile or idiot.


The whole of the Township of Newbiggin contained 95 inhabitants, of whom 41 were male and 54 were female. There were 21 houses, of which all were occupied. and 1 was unoccupied. 


Below is a transcript of the census return in tabular form. The 'Search' box at the top right hand corner can be used to find a surname, house name, occupation, birthplace or other element.

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