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Bishop's Transcripts 



Aysgarth Parish - Bishop's Transcripts - Marriages (1637-1728/29) with omissions. Although the registers commence in 1637, unless a place of abode is mentioned I have not been able to include them, please also note that there are gaps in the original data. The Gregorian calendar was not adopted until 1752, previous to this the new year started on March 25th (Lady Day), so January 1st to March 24th would come after December in the same year. It is useful to remember this when calculating age. 1751 ran from 25th March to December 31st. 1752 started on January the 1st and missed the 3rd to the 13th of September to make up for the 11 day difference between calendars. It is worth noting that the spelling in these records vary greatly and the searcher shouldn't pay strict attention to the spelling when looking for an entry. As an example, the place name THORALBY, can be THOROLBY, THORALDBY etc, similar examples can be found with surnames and christian names.


These records were transcribed from the originals held at Sheepscar Archives, Leeds (Ref. RD/RR 15/1) by Jean Kington and Nora Drake of Bishopdale and typed by Marian Kirby of Aysgarth (February 1992). Records courtesy of The Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes. 


Below is a transcript of the bishop's transcripts in tabular form. The 'Search' box at the top right hand corner can be used to find a surname, christian name, abode or other element.

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