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Edward Baines, 1823

(Courtesy of the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes)


"AYSGARTH, (P.) in the wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 4 miles ESE. of Askrigg. This parish is very extensive, and contains three market-towns, viz. Hawes,, Askrigg, and Burton in Bishop's Dale...The church dedicated to St. Andrew, is a handsome edifice, and the living, which is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of Trinity College, Cambridge, is enjoyed by the Rev. John Brasse; the Rev. John Winn is the curate...In addition to the parish church there are two meeting houses, one for the Society of Friends, and another for the Methodists." (p.408)




BISHOP'S DALE, in the parish of Aysgarth, and wap. of Hang West; 6 miles SE. of Askrigg. A township consisting of farm houses scattered at irregular distances from each other; in this picturesque and fertile dale there are several cascades of prodigious height and vast rocky sides intermixed with a variety of foliage, rich and beautiful. Population, 95.














BURTON-cum-WALDEN, (in Bishopdale,) in the parish of Aysgarth, wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 6 miles E.S.E.  of Askrigg. The town consists chiefly of one open street of irregular buildings. At the northern extremity stands a good stone building, erected in the year 1748, for a free school, by John Sadler, late of this place, who endowed it with the annual sum of 60l. to be paid out of a certain estate, but unfortunately, the charitable intentions of that gentleman is now frustrated, the tenant of the estate having refused to pay the rent, on some legal quibble, and the school house having been appropriated by an inhabitant to his own use, and now claimed as his property. The only manufactory here is the combing of wool, and the only place of worship is a Methodist chapel, built about ten tears ago. The town is surrounded by picturesque scenery, and the river abounds with Salmon and other fish. - Population, 478.

Post-town, Bedale - John Ibbotson, post man.

Letters arrive every Mon. Wed. Thur. and

Sat. at 12'o'clock noon, and despatched 

at 2 aft.




































Newbiggin, in the parish of Aysgarth, wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 5 miles SE. of Askrigg; a small hamlet, chiefly inhabited by farmers. Pop. 128. (p.493)







THORALBY, in the parish of Aysgarth, wap. of Hang West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 4½ miles SE. of Askrigg. Pop. 342.

Heseltine James, gentleman

Hopper Miss Ann

Lodge Ralph, chief constable


Farmers & Yeomen

Bushby Wm.

Dixon Edmund

Dixon John

Hopper Joseph

Lambert Thos.

Lodge Robert

Metcalfe James

Metcalfe Thos.

Mudd James

Preston Ralph

Serjeantson Francis

Skinner John

Slinger John


Heseltine Mrs. gentlewoman 

Irwin John, surgeon

Purchase William, Esq. Hall

Purchase William, jun. gentleman

Tennant Miss, gentlewoman


Metcalfe Thos.M

Swainston Robert

Whitehead Matt.


Elmsley Wm.

Elmsley Geo.


Cleasby John

Graham Wm.

Hepple Wm.

Humphrey James

Moody James

Pearson Edward

Purchase Thos.

Rider Francis

Robinson Wm.

Tennant Christ.

Webster John


Barns Simon

Lawson Thomas, linen draper

Peacock Thomas, joiner

Richardson James, vict. Black Bull

Tennant Christopher, schoolmaster

Tennant Edward, corn miller

Tunstall Thomas, butcher

Webster James, shopkeeper

Wellock John, vict. Fox & Hounds


Hutchinson Thos.

Peacock James

Spence Geo.

Stone Masons.

Hammond John

Heseltine Thos.

Ibbotson Christ.

Lawson Thomas

Lawson John


Matson Thomas

Matson J. and J.

Metcalfe Leonard

Wool Combers.

Beverley John

Richardson John

Richardson Ralph


Lord Morris Rokeby, Littleburn hall,

   near Thoralby

Sadler Miss Jane, gentlewoman

Terry Brian, yeoman

Willis James, attorney


Atkinson Stephen

Etherington Rt.

Furniss Richard

Hammond Jeffery

Johnson Thos.

Raw John

Rider George

Thwaites James

*Wilkinson Anth.

Butterfield John, tailor

Calvert George, vict. and corn miller,

     George and Dragon**



Coates James, butcher

Dunn Lawson, portrait painter

Gill Peter, butter factor

Heseltine John, vict. Volunteer

Heseltine Wm. cooper

Nicholson Dorothy, grocer

Willis John, blacksmith



Drummond Daniel

Scott Thomas

Tennant Christ.

Tomlinson Adam


Dinsdale John

Fawcett John"


*His son Anthony (1838-1919) emigrated to the USA and is mentioned in "Those Who left the Dales", Ed. Glenys Marriott 2010, as 'a progressive man of Wyoming.' In fact he was so successful that all his siblings and his parents Anthony and Alice (neé Sayer) also emigrated to the USA.

* *Later known as the George Inn, possibly to distinguish it from the George & Dragon at the nearby village of Aysgarth.

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