1939 Identity Register: 

Friday 29th September

Courtesy of Frank & Martha E. Snaith.

Note this section is constantly been updated as additional names are released.

The Identity Register contains details of more than 41 million individuals.

Lines left blank indicate a person is either still alive (details remain confidential) or has died recently.

For each individual, the following details are included:

  • address

  • schedule number

  • sub number

  • surname

  • first name(s)

  • role (for institutions only – for example, Officer, Visitor, Servant, Patient, Inmate)

  • gender

  • date of birth

  • marital status

  • occupation

  • whether the individual was a member of the armed services or reserves

  • information is arranged by enumeration district and household 

Below are the original 1939 Identity Cards for my grandparents: Frank and Martha E. Snaith, Household No. 48, Holmeside Farm: 1 and 2. Frank Snaith's card is different from his wife Martha's because from 1943 onwards he was a member of the National Fire Service (see further details below). Several different wartime occupations can be viewed in the register.













































































Frank Snaith 1939 ID Card A
Frank Snaith 1939 ID Card B
Martha E. Snaith 1939 ID Card A
Martha E. Snaith 1939 ID Card B
Holmeside Farm and Thoralby
© Thoralby Through Time
© Thoralby Through Time
© Thoralby Through Time
© Thoralby Through Time
© Thoralby Through Time

Postcard showing Holmeside Farm and the village of Thoralby.

Viking H., Thoral Cot., Low Green Hse, Stanley Cott., & Holmeside Farm
© Thoralby Through Time

Courtesy of F. & M.E. Snaith

Photograph showing Viking House at the extreme left with a large garage door behind which the fire engine was stored during WW2. Other houses in the photograph (from L to R) are Thoral Cottage, Low Green House, Stanley Cottage and Holmeside Farm, where my grandparents and their three sons lived.

Leyburn Fire Brigade F. & M.E. Snaith, c.1943
© Thoralby Through Time

Courtesy of F. & M.E. Snaith


Photograph showing four local retained firefighters: (from L to R) Frank Snaith (my grandfather) of Holmeside Farm, Thoralby, Steve Bell of the Street Head Inn, Newbiggin (Driver), Cyril Hemsley of Waterling, Thoralby, and Harold Metcalfe of Leyburn. The 'Green Goddess' fire engine was stored in the garage of Viking House (see above image).


The retained firefighters were based in Leyburn and this photograph shows them standing in the Market Square in front of the 'Kings Head', Leyburn. Steve Bell was the driver of the fire engine. The firefighters would work in shifts and, to keep their skills up, the 'Thoralby & Newbiggin volunteers would practise on a Sunday morning in the field just down from Holmeside Farm using the water from the beck. The local children watched as a form of 'entertainment'.

The names and details of the two firefighters who lived in Thoralby can be viewed in the 1939 I.D. Register for Thoralby (below), while the details of the firefighter who lived in Newbiggin can be found by clicking this link to the 1939 ID Register Newbiggin.

Below is the complete identity register for Thoralby.


E.D. Letter Code  J HAN               Borough, U.D. or R.D.  Aysgarth    Registration District and Sub-district  539/1

               Completed by me  W.E. Metcalfe   Enumerator   Date  Oct 2nd