Newspaper Extracts - Thoralby 


Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 9th April, 1870




TO BE LET, "CHAPEL HOUSE," [Chapel Garth] situate at Thoralby, in Wensleydale, late the residence of Miss DUNN, deceased, comprising Three Rooms and Kitchen on the ground floor, with Drawing-room and Four Bedrooms above, Wash-house in the Yard, and Pleasure Gardens and Shrubbery in front.

    Immediate possession can be had.

    For rent, particulars, and permission to view, apply

 at the Offices, in West Burton or Leyburn, of 

                                                 Mr. HAMMOND,


Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 23rd July, 1870




TO BE LET, SOLD BY AUCTION, at the STREET HEAD INN, in the Parish of Aysgarth, in the County of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of AUGUST, 1870, at the Hour of Six o'clock in the Evening, and subject to Conditions of Sale;

Mr. GEO. DENT, Auctioneer;

All that very desirable MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, known as "CHAPEL HOUSE," [Chapel Garth] situate near the Village of Thoralby aforesaid, late the residence of Miss Elizabeth Dunn, deceased, having a Southern aspect, and comprising Dining-room, Breakfast room, Library, and Kitchen on the Ground Floor, with spacious Entrance Hall, and Drawing-room, and Four good Bedrooms on the First Floor, together with Wash-house in the Yard behind, and Garden and Shrubbery in front.

And also all that CLOSE or PARCEL of rich MEADOW LAND, known as "Chapel Garth," lying immediately in front of and adjoining the said Messuage or Dwelling house, and containing by admeasurement 1a.1r.32p., be the same more or less

   Immediate possession can be given.

   The House and Premises may be viewd on applica-

   tion to Mr. CHRIS. BUSHBY, of Thoralby, and all

   further particulars or information relative thereto ob-

   tained on application at my Offices in West Burton or


                                       T.F.R. HAMMOND,


      West Burton, 8th July, 1870.

Sheffield Independent – 6th August, 1870



SADLER-WINGFIELD. - Aug. 3, at Eccleshall Church, Sheffield, by the Rev. E. Newman, Robert Sadler, solicitor, Southport, only son of Mr. John Sadler, solicitor, Thoralby, Yorkshire, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. Wingfiled, Broomhall Park, Sheffield. No cards.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 3rd December, 1870



At a meeting of the justices on Friday at Town Hall, presented Lord Bolton, chairman ...Isaac Metcalfe, of Thoralby, summoned Wm. Metcalfe of West Burton, for a similar offence [an assault], for which he had to pay £1 6s. 6d. including costs. ...

[Isaac Metcalfe, occupation, Mole Catcher can be seen in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 3rd December, 1870



EXAMINATION OF THE NATIONAL SCHOOL. - This school was examined on Monday the 5th instant, by the Rev. W.H. Crabtree, Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. ... Scholars' certificates were issued to William Willis, of Thoralby, John Willis, of Thoralby ...

These children obviously attended the school at Aysgarth, rather than the local village school at Cross Lanes, Newbiggin.

Field – 14th January, 1871


DESTRUCTION OF OTTERS. What is the best and most speedy method of destroying otters? They are numerous in the Ure and tributaries in the neighbourhood ... so much so that they kill and ravage quantities of salmon, ... whilst spawning ... Only last week the water-bailiff picked up, in Thoralby Beck, seven gravid fish killed and partly devoured.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 18th March, 1871



THWAITE. - ​March 7th, at Thoralby, Mr. James Thwaite, farmer aged 78.

[James Thwaite, occupation, farmer of 120 acres can be seen in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

Knaresborough Post – 22nd April, 1871



AYSGARTH UNION. - ELECTION OF GUARDIANS OF THE POOR. - The following is the return for Aysgarth Union: - ...

Bishopdale: Robert Metcalfe, farmer ...

Newbiggin: Felix Sayer ...

Thoralby - (no return). ...

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 17th February, 1872







... Thomas Nicholson, Thoralby, grocer ...



Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – 15th April, 1872


AYSGARTH UNION. The following are the guardians elected for this union: -


Newbiggin - Felix Sayer ...

Thoralby - Thomas Scott

[Thomas Scott can be seen farming at Barker, Thoralby in the 1871 census return].


York Herald – 19th October, 1872





… ; and the ground at Hawes police-station be drained at a cost not exceeding £5. The reports of the police as to the county bridges were on the whole satisfactory… In fourteen of the police-districts the state of the highways was reported to be generally good… In the Hang West district portions of the roads in Thoralby, Carperby, Reydale Side, Bainbridge, Low Abbotsford [Abbotside] were bad. In the Greta Bridge district the roads in most townships still required metal…

Northern Echo – 6th January, 1873


ACCIDENT AT LEYBURN. - A man named E. Thwaites, of Thoralby, Wensleydale, fell from a cart whilst going through Leyburn, on Friday, and broke his leg. He was conveyed to Mrs. Haw's temperance house, where he was attended by Dr. Metcalf.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 11th January, 1873




Mr. RICHARDSON, of Thirsk, appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. W.B. RICHARDSON, of York, for the defendants. The plaintiff, Mr. Wm. Annakin, is a cattle dealer residing near Thirsk, and he sought to recover £43 as compensation for the loss he had sustained through the alleged negligence of the railway company, in not carrying within reasonable and proper time, forty-three head of cattle from Leyburn to Lynn. Of these thirty-three had been sold to the plaintiff by Mr. Felix Sayer, of Bishopdale, and ten by Miss Fawcett, of Thoralby. The animals were trucked at Leyburn in the forenoon of the 7th of October, and in the ordinary course they ought to have arrived at Lynn between seven and nine o'clock on the following morning. They would then have been in time for the market at Lynn on that day, but they did not arrive there until after one o'clock in the afternoon, and the plaintiff consequently missed his market. On the following morning the cattle were loaded for Fakenham to dispose of, and the plaintiff was put to considerable expense. He estimated his loss at £1 per head at the very least. ... His HONOUR gave judgement for the defendant, with costs.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 26th April, 1873



AYSGARTH UNION. - The following list shows the number of meetings of the Board of Guardians attended by each guardian in this union during the past year (1872-3), as published by the union clerk: - 

Bishopdale: Mr. Robert Metcalfe, 2; ...

Newbiggin: Felix Sayer, 6; ...

Thoralby - Mr Thomas Scott, 9. ...

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 17th May, 1873



WEST BURTON. - Wednesday week was observed at West Burton as the village feast. The principal event of the day was the usual club walk or oddfellows procession. The members of the order resident in the village formed a procession early in the afternoon, and proceeded by a brass band walked through Carperby, Aysgarth, Thoralby, and Newbiggin. At each of these places they secured fresh accession to their ranks till on their return they numbered over 60. Dinner was served up in a tent on the green by Brother George Duckworth, of the Fox and Hounds Inn. The Rev. D. McCormick acted as chaplain. After dinner Dr. Routh addressed a few earnest words to all present. After singing the National Anthem they again walked round the village and into the Independent Chapel, ...

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 1st November, 1873



RICHARDSON, October 25, at Coxhoe, aged 41, Frances, wife of Mr William Richardson, and daughter of James and Ann Calvert, of Thoralby

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 7th March, 1874



PETTY SESSIONS, ... Frank Scott, labourer, of Thoralby, was charged by Supt. Alderson with being drunk and incapable on February 19th. Sergt. Bookless stated that he was on duty at seven p.m., and found him laid on the highway near to Askrigg. Fined 5s. and costs, or, in default fouteen day's hard labour to Norhtallerton Gaol.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 18th April, 1874



AYSGARTH UNION. - The following a list of the meetings of the several Guardians of this Union during the past year : - 

Bishopdale: Wm. Dent, 8; ...

Newbiggin: Felix Sayer, 8; ...

Thoralby - Bernard Tennant, 8 ...

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 14th November, 1874


MONEY. - £1,000, £300, £200, ready to be advanced on approved Mortgage Security at moderate rates of Interest. The Money may remain for a term of years if required. Apply to Mr. SADLER, Solicitor, Thoralby via Bedale.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle – 6th February, 1875



TEA PARTY AND BALL. The school-room between Thoralby and Newbiggin has recently been enlarged in becoming a Government school. In commemoration of the completion of this work a tea party and ball were held in the new school-room on the 22nd ult. The management of this party was placed in the hands of a committee of six local gentlemen, and it is due to these gentlemen to say that they carried out the work entrusted to them in a very efficient manner. A great number of invitations were issued, an no fewer than 150 ladies and gentlemen responded to the call and sat down to a most substantial tea. The dancing was led off by Mr. T. [Thomas] Sadler, of Thoralby, and Mrs. W. Fryer, of Newbiggin, and continued in a spirited manner long into the early hours of morning to the music of the violins played by Mr. W. Percival and Mr. J. Percival.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – 19th April, 1875



AYSGARTH UNION. The following are the guardians elected for townships forming this  union: -  ...


Richard Cockburn, and Geo. Terry, Bishopdale ...

Newbiggin, Wm. P. Fryer ...

Thoralby, Bernard Tennant ... 

[Bernard Tennant can be seen farming at Heaning, Thoralby in the 1871 census return].


Leeds Mercury – 5th July, 1876




SADLER. – On the 2nd inst., at Thoralby, Yorkshire, aged 61 years, John Sadler, solicitor.

[John Sadler can be seen living at High Green House, Thoralby in the 1871 census return].

Newcastle Courant – 17th August, 1877



Before Mr. E.J. MEYNELL, Judge.



The plaintiff, Jeffrey Heseltine, wholesale cheese dealer, Thoralby [Peggy Garth], near Bedale, sued the defendant, Wm. Henry Iley, druggist, &c., Old Shildon, for £44 11s. 3d., being the price of 110 Wensleydale cheeses. It appeared that the plaintiff, on the 9th of August, 1876, despatched a consignment of 110 cheeses per rail from Leyburn to Shildon. He also followed by road with a load of cheeses, and endeavoured to dispose of them when he arrived at Shildon. He called at the establishment of defendant, with whom he had had dealings for nine to ten years; Mr Iley not being at home, Metcalfe, his manager, telegraphed to him at Redcar about the cheeses, which were eventually removed from the railway station and placed in defendant’s warehouse. They were good cheeses, and were from two dairies in Wensleydale. Their weight was 11 cwt. 2 qrs., and the price was £31 7s. 6d. per cwt. – Mr Robert Neilson, grocer South Road, Bishop Auckland, and Mr T.D. Veitch, grocer, Coundon, each stated that on the 9th of August, 1876, they bought cheese of good quality from the plaintiff. Defendant said he first cut the cheese on the 25th of August, and found it very inferior and quite soft and juicy in the middle. He cut other two cheeses, and was unable to sell any over the counter owing to their strong peculiar smell. Those in the warehouse were nearly all similar. – His Honour held that no warranty had been given, and found for the plaintiff for £18 above the amount paid into court.



York Herald – 7th November, 1877




JAQUES – On October 29th, at Warnford Cottage, ThoralbyLeonard Jaques, sen., aged 60.

[Leonard Jaques can be seen living at Warnford Cottage, Thoralby in the 1871 census return].

Craven Herald 8th February 1879


BREACH OF SALMON FISHERY ACT. – Jonathan Beswick, of Wensley, water bailiff, summoned R Lambert and Wm. Bell, both of Thoralby, with having in their possession a certain instrument called a gaff with intent to take salmon there with. Complainant stated that on the 6th ultimo he saw the defendants walking by the side of the Thoralby beck, and suspecting them of being there for the purpose of taking salmon, he searched them and found the gaff produced in Lambert’s possession. For the defence, Lambert stated that he was carrying the gaff for another person. The magistrates fined him 23s. 6d., including costs, and dismissed the case against Bell.

Craven Herald 5th April 1879



LIST OF WAYWARDENS AND OVERSEERS. - The following have been appointed overseers and waywardens for the representative townships comprising the parish of Aysgarth, for the ensuing year, viz. :-



Bishopdale: Mr. Michael Webster, Dale Foot, and Mr. James Metcalfe, Dale Head. …

Newbiggin: Mr. W.P Fryer, [Eastburn] Newbiggin, and Mr. Henry Bushby, Newbiggin. …

Thoralby: Mr. Leonard Dent, farmer, Gayle Ing and Mr. A. Sayer, Thoralby. …



Bishopdale: Mr. Felix Sayer, farmer, Lane Bottom. …                                                                                   

Newbiggin: Mr. W.P Fryer, [Eastburn?] Newbiggin. …

Thoralby: Mr. John Fawcett, Thoralby. …

Craven Herald 12th April 1879


ELECTION OF GUARDIANS OF THE POOR. – The following is the list of Guardians elected for the Aysgarth Union: -

Bishopdale: - Thomas Broderick, Smelter; …

Newbiggin – John Duckitt, Newbiggin; …

ThoralbyThomas Sadler, Thoralby; …


York Herald – 15th May, 1879




TOMMEY-SADDLER. – On the 8th inst., at the parish church, Kildwick, Richard Frederick Tommey, of West Burton, to Alice, only surviving daughter of the late John Bywell Sadler, Esq., of Thoralby.

Northern Echo 3rd July 1879


… and James Hemsley, labourer, who was charged with stealing three ducks, at Thoralby, on the 20th June.


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