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Newspaper Extracts - Thoralby 


Leeds Intelligencer - 9th March, 1850

TO BE LET, unfurnished, a small and convenient FAMILY RESIDENCE, called Littleburn, half-a-mile from Thoralby, in Bishopdale, a Branch Valley of Wensleydale, with about 6½ Acres of Grass Land, or between 50 and 60 Acres in subsequent years, if required. Entry at Lady Day [25 March].

The House consists of Dining, Drawing, Breakfast Rooms, and Kitchen on the Ground Floor, with Attics above. Stabling for Four Horses, Coach House and Saddle Room. A Daily Post to Thoralby. Good Trout Fishing, Free, Grouse Shooting may be hired. A Pack of Harriers in the immediate Neighbourhood. Mr. JOHN DENT, the Tenant, will show the Premises, and further Particulars may be had on Application to MR. GEO. WINN, Solicitor, Askrigg.

Yorkshire Gazette - 23rd March, 1850



(By the direction of the Assignees of Mr. Robert Lodge,

a Bankrupt.)

Mr. George Terry, Auctioneer,

At the RACE HORSE INN, in KETTLEWELL, West-Riding of Yorkshire, on FRIDAY, the 12th Day of April, 1850, at the Hour o SEVEN in the Evening precisely, subject to Conditions, to be then read, 

LOT 1.

ALL that LEASEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, now use as an Inn, and known by the Name of the FOX AND HOUNDS, situate in Starbotton aforesaid, with the Stables, Garden, and Out-Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, and now in the Occupation of Thomas Butler, as Tenant thereof.

LOT 2.

All those Three LEASEHOLD COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, and a BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, severally situate and being in Starbotton aforesaid, together with the Shed, Gardens, Out-Buildings, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, and now in the respective Occupations of Anthony Taylor, James Barker, Christopher Harrison and John Pratt, as Tenants thereof.

LOT 3.

All those Three FREEHOLD COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, severally situate and being in Starbotton aforesaid, together with the Gardens, Out-Buildings, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, and now in the respective Occupations of Stephen Wilson, Matthew Bennett, and John Rayner, as Tenants thereof.

Lots 1 and 2 are held for the unexplored residue of a long Term of Years.

The several Tenants will show the Lots, and all further Information may be had by applying to Mr. JNO. HAMMOND, Mr. GEORGE WINN, or Mr. WILLIAM PURCHAS, (the Solicitors of the Assignees,) at their Offices, severally situate in West Burton, Askrigg, and Thoralby: THOS. TOPHAM, Esq., Solicitor, Middleham; HENRY THOS. ROBINSON, Solicitor, Leyburn: RALPH LODGE, Esq., Land Agent, Newhouses Bishopdale, all in the North-Riding of the County of York: - MATTHEWS, Esq., Solicitor, Newbridge, near Cardiff, Glamorganshire, North Wales; Messrs BOND and BARWICK, or WILLIAM BELL, Esq., Solicitors, Leeds.

Leeds Intelligencer - 19th July, 1851


WILLIAM COOKE (22), STEPHEN PAGE (27), and MARY PAGE (29), were charged with stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, belonging to Dorothy Walker, of Thoralby, on the 17th of June last. Mr. PRICE, prosecuted; Stephen Page pleaded Guilty, and the other prisoners were undefended. The prosecutrix washed a quantity of clothes, and placed them in the garden to dry, where they remained all night. The things were stolen at an early hour in the morning by the prisoners, who are vagrants. The stolen property was found in the female prisoner's possession. There was no evidence to fix the guilt upon Cooke, and he as ACQUITTED. The jury found Mary Page GUILTY of receiving under the second count in the indictment. The prisoners were further charged with a burglary in the house of James Jackson, at Low Row, on the 21st ult. The men pleaded GUILTY, and the woman denied her guilt. The prosecution offered no evidence against her. To be severally imprisoned, with hard labour, Stephen Page for twelve, Cooke for nine, and Mary Page for three months. 

Yorkshire Gazette - 9th April, 1853


RICHARD JOLLY, 20, pleaded guilty to having, at the township of Thoralby, by false pretences, obtained of Christopher Moore, 100lbs. of rags and bones, the property of Joseph Stoney, with intent to defraud the last named individual.  - To be imprisoned for seven days, to hard labour.

[Christopher Moore can be viewed in the 1851 census for Thoralby].

Sheffield Independent - 1st October, 1853




Taxes, Hull.



List (1) General CERTIFICATES at £4. 0s. 10d. each.

... Purchas Wm., Thoralby

York Herald - 12th August, 1854



On Saturday, the 5th inst., ... 

Same day John Redhead, Esq., many years farmer at Thoralby, greatly and deservedly respected.

Farmer's Friend and Freeman's Journal - 9th December, 1854




PREPARED from the most valuable Vegetable Balsamic Herbs, these Pills are mild and gentle in there operation, purifying the Blood, and restoring the Patient to perfect health when all other Medicines are worthless. They are invaluable to FEMALES of all ages; and every Family should purchase one small box as a trial.

Copy of a letter respecting Walker's Chinese Pills:- 

                           Thoralby, near Bedale, Sept., 21st, 1853.

Sir, - An Important Discovery transpired in this place a few weeks ago which I think you and the public ought to be put in possession of. About nineteen years ago, a respectable farmer of the name of Smith, residing in this place, was married to a young lady from a neighbour village, and, strange to say, during that period had no children until a few weeks ago, when they were blessed with a fine Boy, and the husband gives it as his candid opinion that the wife would never have had any children had it not been for the CHINESE PILLS, which she has been in the habit of taking for upwards of twelve months. - The above is perfectly true. 

Should you require any further Information respecting the strange circumstances, I should be glad to supply you with it.

I am, Yours, &c.,

                                                J. UDALE. [Joseph Udale] 

To Mr. W. WALKER, Publisher, Otley.

These Pills are sold at 1s. 1½d. and 2s. 9d. a box by least one Agent in every town in Great Britain, and by the Wholesale Houses in York and London.

The name of the Proprietor, WILLIAM WALKER, is written in black ink upon the Stamp of every box, and no other are genuine.

[Joseph Udale can be viewed in the 1851 and 1861, census returns for Thoralby, occupation, taylor.]

Yorkshire Gazette - 30th December, 1854


AMOUNTS collected in the Division of HANG WEST, North-Riding of Yorkshire.



John Sadler Esq.         1   0    0                                     J.B. Sadler, Esq.              0  10   0    

Miss Sadler                 0  10   0                                    Sums under 10s.             1  16   6

W. Purchas, Esq.         1    0   0

Messrs. J. Nichol-                                                               [Total]                          5   6   6

 son and Son              0   10  0


[The Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation (also known as the Royal Pat) was a charitable body set up by Royal Warrant in the United Kingdom during the Crimean War (1853-1856). It provided assistance to the widows, orphans and other dependants of members of the armed forces.]

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle - 21st July, 1855



... At Aysgarth, on the 14th inst., Mr. Thomas Dodsworth, to Miss Elizabeth Tennant, of Thoralby

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle - 8th December, 1855


THE CREDITORS of THOMAS HAW, late of Thoralby, in the Parish of Aysgarth, in the County of York, Shoemaker, are requested to execute the Deed of Assignment on all in Trust for his Creditors, (which lies for signature at the Office of the undersigned John Hammond,) within two calendar months from the publication of this notice, or they will be excluded from participating in the benefits of such Deed.                                             (By Order,)

                                                                                    JOHN HAMMOND, West Burton, Leyburn,

                                                                                    WILLIAM PURCHAS, Thoralby,

                                                                                                   Solicitors to the Trustees.

Richmond & Ripon Chronicle - 27th February, 1858

LOST, at Leyburn, on the 12th of February, a RED and WHITE CUR BITCH, rather wiry in the hair answers to the name of "Jess." Any person having taken up the same, and giving information to JOHN WILLIS, of Thoralby, will be handsomely rewarded for their trouble.

  Thoralby, Feb 22, 1858.

[John Willis, occupation, blacksmith can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].


Richmond & Ripon Chronicle - 4th December, 1858



Before the Right Hon. Lord Bolton, C.W. Chaytor, 

Esq., Rev. E. Wyvill, and Fred. Riddle, Esq.

... GRIEVOUS ASSAULT AT THORALBY, Nov 15th. - Mrs. [Bridget] Biker [aged 39], of Thoralby, was charged by Mrs. [Ann] Metcalfe [aged 40], with striking her, and biting, and swearing, and using threatening language. Mr. Hammond conducted for Mrs. Metcalfe, who had some marks of violence on her. The charge being fully proved, the defendant was fined 5s. and costs, and severely reprimanded. This assault arose out of some angry words about their children. 

[Mrs. [Bridget] Biker and Mrs. [Ann] Metcalfe can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].


York Herald – 29th May, 1858




THE Inhabitants of the following Towns and Villages can now be supplied, on the Saturday Morning, with the Stamped Second Edition of the ”YORK HERALD,” containing the Friday Night’s Parliamentary Proceedings, and the Foreign and Domestic News, up to a late hour of that Morning, as announces in another part of this paper. Parties residing in those towns marked thus * are also supplied with the “HERALD” Unstamped by the Afternoon Trains of Friday, or the Early Trains on Saturday Morning.


*– Crakehall, Middleham, Carthorpe, Carlton, Horse House, Healey, Bellerby, West Tanfield, Spennithorne, Masham, Leyburn, Thoralby, Askrigg, West Witton, West Burton, Londonderry, Scruton, East Witton, Thornton Watlass, Wensley, Wensley, Hawes, Kirrby Fleetham, Aysgarth, Harmby, Hawswell, Newton-le-Willows, Carperby.

York Herald - 13th February, 1858




On Persons of whom the Company of Partnership consists.

... John Nicholson, Thoralby, Grocer, & c.

[John Nicholson can be viewed in the 1851 and 1861 census for Thoralby].


Yorkshire Gazette – 2nd July, 1859





The midsummer quarter sessions for the North-Riding of this county commenced on Tuesday last, at the Sessions-house, Northallerton …




Mr. Geo. Clarkson, of Whitby, wine merchant, Foreman.

Mr. John Boulby, of Ugglebarnby, farmer.

Mr. John Dale, of Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Wm. Frank, of Great Fryup, Danby, farmer.

Mr. John Scarr Foster, of Bainbridge, yeoman.

Mr. John Fryer, of Newbiggin, yeoman.

Mr. Issac Hughill, of Danby, gentleman.

Mr. Thomas Hammond, of Thoralby, yeoman.

Mr. Wm. Hepton, of Whitby, druggist.

Mr. C. B Johnson, of Hawes, grocer.

Mr. Wm. Nellist, of Ainthorpe. Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Thos. Nicholson, of Walden, farmer.

Mr. Wm. Pearson, of Skinnigrove, gentleman.

Mr. James Rider, of Burton, farmer.

Mr. O. F. Routh, of Burtersett, Hawes, gentleman.

Mr. B. Smith, of near Lofthouse, farmer.

Mr. James Stanger, of Normanby, grocer.

Mr. Thos. Stephenson, of Ugglebarnby, farmer.

Mr. Robt. Venis, of Great Fryup, Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Thos. Williams, of Eston, clerk.

Leeds Mercury - 5th November, 1859

TO BE LET, by PROPOSAL, from year to year, or for a term of years, and entered upon the Twenty-third day of November next, an excellent MESSUAGE or Dwelling-house, delightfully situate near the village of Thoralby, in the parish of Aisgarth, in the North Riding of the county of York, called "Warnford Cottage", formerly the residence of the late James Willis, Esq., and now in the occupation of William Purchas, Esq., consisting of dining room and drawing room, two kitchens, seven bedrooms, excellent coach house, and stabling, laundry, and all other requite out-offices, suitable for the accommodation of a genteel family. Also, Three good Gardens, and upwards of Four Acres of excellent meadow Land. To the above dwelling-house belongs the moiety of a Pew in the middle aisle of Aisgarth Parish Church. - Also to be LET, by PROPOSAL, and entered upon the Sixth day of April next, either jointly or separately with the above, the following Closes or Parcels of excellent meadow and pasture LAND, also situate in the township of Thoralby aforesaid, and now in the occupation of the said William Purchas, called by the several names, and containing by admeasurement the several quantities following, viz.: - 

                                     A.  R.   P.                                                                              A.  R.   P.

Croft                             7   3    4                                    Dirtholme                         2   2   11   

Wallet                           0   2    0                                    And Hole                          2   0   24

Beck Close                   2   2  24

Watering Place            0   1    3                                             Total                        12   2  10

Harlow                          3   2   24

There are two good barns on the premises; the whole of the land is in the highest state of cultivation, and is well watered and fenced. Thoralby is nine miles from the Bedale and Leyburn Railway Station at Leyburn, ten miles from Hawes, and eighteen miles from Richmond. To any gentleman fond of field sports the above presents a mos desirable residence, as the surrounding neighbourhood abounds with game, and is within easy distance from the Wensleydale Hounds. So soon as adequate proposal is made the tenant will be declared. Proposals to be sent to Mr. Sadler, Solicitor, Thoralby, via Bedale, of whom further information may be obtained.

[The new tenant, Ackroyd Costobadie can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby.]

Yorkshire Gazette – 12th November, 1859






I, THE Undersigned, JAMES HUNTON, Auditor of the above-named District, do hereby give Notice, that I have appointed the Audit of the Accounts of the Bainbridge Union and Incorporation, and of the Parishes therein contained (mentioned at the foot of this Notice), for the Half-Year ended the 20th of September, 1859, to commence on THURSDAY, the 24th Day of November instant, at TEN o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the Poorhouse, in Bainbridge, in the said Union and Incorporation, when and where all Persons who by Law are bound to account at such Audit are required to attend, and o submit all Books, Documents, Bills, and Vouchers, containing or relating to the Accounts or to Moneys assessed for, and applicable to, the Relief of the Poor.

   Dated the 8th Day of November, 1859.

               (Signed)                 JAMES HUNTON,

                                                                 District Auditor.

Parishes comprised in the above-named Union and


Askrigg                                                                                                     Hawes

Aysgarth                                                                                                  High Abbotside

Bainbridge                                                                                               Low Abbotside

Burton-cum-Walden or                                                                         Thoralby

   West Burton

[A poor law union was a geographical territory, and early local government unit, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Poor law unions existed in England and Wales from 1834 to 1930 for the administration of poor relief. Prior to the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 the administration of the English Poor Laws was the responsibility of the vestries of individual parishes, which varied widely in their size, populations, financial resources, rateable values and requirements.


From 1834 the parishes were grouped into unions, jointly responsible for the administration of poor relief in their areas and each governed by a board of guardians. A parish large enough to operate independently of a union was known as a poor law parish. Collectively, poor law unions and poor law parishes were known as poor law districts. The grouping of the parishes into unions caused larger centralised workhouses to be built to replace smaller facilities in each parish. Poor law unions were later used as a basis for the delivery of registration from 1837, and sanitation outside urban areas from 1875. Poor law unions were abolished by the Local Government Act 1929, which transferred responsibility for public assistance to county and county borough councils.] now a farm building.

In Thoralby up until 1849 there was a Poor House. In 1849 the stones from this building were used to build the Primitive Methodist Chapelnow a farm building.

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