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(Courtesy of the Local Studies Collection, Northallerton Library)

"AYSGARTH is a parish, township, village and the head of a union, pleasantly situated on the south of the river Ure, or Yore, in Wensleydale, with a station 1 mile north-east on the Northallerton and Hawes Branch of the North Eastern railway, 8¼ miles west-south-west from Leyburn, 9 east from Hawes and 4 south-east from Askrigg; it is in the Richmond division of the Riding, wapentake and petty sessional division of Hang West, county court district of Leyburn, rural deanery of West Catterick, archdeaconry of Richmond and diocese of Ripon. Electric lighting is supplied by a private company, from power derived from the old water mill. The church of St. Andrew is an ancient building of stone in the Early English style, and later styles, consisting of chancel with aisles, nave, aisles, south porch, and an embattled western tower with pinnacles containing a clock, presented by J.C. Winn esq. in 1904. and 6 bells, cast in 1829: the upper stage and pinnacles were added to the tower at the restoration of the church: the elaborately carved and decorated rood screen, now affixed to the south wall of the chancel, was brought from Jervaulx Abbey, and the finely carved ends of the reading desk are also the work of the monks of that house: the reredos of Caen stone, which adorned with a representation of "The last Supper," after Leonardo da Vinci, was given in the year 1887 by the daughters of  the late H.T. Robinson, of Edgley and the Cliff, Leyburn: there is a brass eagle lectern and elegant brass coronæ, and several of the windows are stained, including one to the Rev. Fenwick William Stow, M.A. , vicar 1873-1905: there is also a tablet to the Rev. Clement Hales M.A. founder in 1877 of the Aysgarth Preparatory School, near Jervaulx (d.1900); a carved Austrian pulpit in memory of F.S. Graham was erected in 1915: the church was restored, and to a considerable extent rebuilt in 1866 a cost of about £6,000, and affords 620 sittings. The registers date from the year 1707. The living is a discharged vicarage, net yearly value £392, including 38 acres of glebe ad residence, in the gift of Trinity College Cambridge, and held since 1913 by the Rev. [blank]. The monks of Jervaulx Abbey became impropriators of the tithes of Aysgarth in 1423; they were never restored to the parish, but in Queen Mary's reign were made over to Trinity College, Cambridge, which thus became patron of the benefice. The Wesleyan Methodist chapel here was erected in 1901. A fair for sheep and cattle is held here on October 30th. ...  A new foot bridge was erected in 1906 at Harper-Wath by the Rural District Council, in place of the old stepping stones. In the same year a water supply was provided at a cost of £600, the spring being presented by Mr. John Chapman, of Thornton Rust. The Literary Institute , containing reading and billiards rooms, with a large room above for public meetings, was opened in (p.31) September, 1907; it was erected on the site of the old reading room at a cost of £600. ...William Robinson Burrill-Robinson esq. J.P. who is lord of the manor, ... The soil is very good; subsoil, limestone. The land is chiefly in pasture. The parish of Aysgarth is very extensive, containing the twelve townships of Aysgarth, High and Low Abbotside, Askrigg, Bainbridge, Bishopdale, Burton-cum-Walden, Carperby-cum-Thoresby, Newbiggin, Thoralby, Thornton Rust and Hawes; it covers an area of 79,561 acres, a great part of which consists of high moorland. ... ecclesiastical parish in 1921, 1,352.


A regular service of omnibus passes through the village daily to Hawes, Leyburn, Bedale & Northallerton. ...



The parishes in the District are , Abbotside - High, Abbotside - Low, Askrigg, Aysgarth, Bainbridge, Bishopdale, Burton-cum-Walden, Carperby-cum-Thoresby, Hawes, Newbiggin, Thoralby & Thornton Rust.


Council meets at the Board room, Bainbridge, monthly on monday.


Chairman, J.T. Leyland, Bainbridge. 




Clerk, Alexander Thwaite Storey, Market place, Askrigg.


Assistant Clerk & Rating & Valuation Officer, John Johnson Willan, Askrigg.


Treasurer, A.B. Harland, Hawes .


Medical Officer of Health, Dean Dunbar M.B., B.S. Lond. Aysgarth.


Sanitary Inspector & Surveyor, T.F. Johnson, Bainbridge.




Superintendent Registrar, Alexander Thwaite Stoey, Market place, Askrigg; deputy, John J. Willan, Askrigg.


Registrar of Marriages, John Wm. Blakely, Bainbridge.


Registrars of Births & Deaths, Askrigg sub-district, John Wm. Blakely, Bainbridge; deputy, Frank Hiscock, Bainbridge;

 Hawes sub-district, Thomas Thornborough Fawcett, Hawes; deputy, Harry Wiseman, Hawes.


Railway Station, (L. & N.E.). 


BISHOPDALE extends in a southerly direction from 3 to 6 miles from Aysgarth, and consists only of a few scattered farm-houses. Lead is found in small quantities in this township. William Robinson Burrill-Robinson esq. J.P. is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are John B. Fawcett esq. John M. Spensley esq. and Geoffrey B.T. Metcalfe esq. The soil is rich loam; subsoil, limestone and gravel; the chief crop is hay. The population in 1921 was 64, and the area is 4,728 acres of land and 5 of water.


Letters arrive from Aysgarth. (p.32)













Newbiggin is situated in Bishopdale, 2 miles south from Aysgarth station and 10 south east from Hawes. William Robinson Burrill-Robinson esq. lord of the manor. The principal landowners are Henry Robinson Chapman esq. and Capt. Henry R. Chapman-Purchas .The area is 1,696 acres of land and 5 of water; the population in 1921 was 75.


Letters through Aysgarth, Leyburn. (p.32)













THORALBY is pleasantly situated in Bishopdale, 2 miles south from Aysgarth station and 10 miles south-east-by-east from Hawes. There are Methodist chapels and a reading-room and library, erected in 1887. Here is a fine waterfall, called the "Silver Chain Force". William Robinson Burrill-Robinson esq. J.P. is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are W.R. Burrill-Robinson esq. J.P. and several farmers. The acreage is 2,857 acres of land and 6 of water; the population in 1921 was 197.


Post & Tel. Call Office. Letters through Leyburn, Aysgarth nearest M. O. T. office. (p.32)


Marked thus ° farm 150 acres or over.

Dinsdale William, farmer, Dale foot

°Ewbank Spencer, farmer, Kidstones

°Fawcett Jn. Bryan, farmer, The Rookery

Fawcett Roland, farmer, Scarr top

°Heseltine Rt. farmer, Ribba hall

Lambert Wm. Arth. farmer, Long Ridge


Lambert Wm. Arth. farmer, Long Ridge

Metcalfe Rt. farmer, New Housse Gill

Sayer Matthew, farmer, Myres garth

Sayer Fras. jun. farmer, Smelter frm

Tiplady (Mrs.) & Sons, farmers, Dale      head




Marked thus ° farm 150 acres or over.

Bell Jn. Street Head P.H.

Cockerill Hy. farmer

°Dinsdale Jas. farmer, East end

Dinsdale Thomas, farmer

Fawcett Robert, farmer





Hammond Thos. farmer, Wst Lane ho.

Heseltine Jn. stonemason

Heseltine Rt. farmer

Heseltine Thos. farmer

°Musgrave Rt. farmer, Town head

Sayer Jn. farmer

Seed Benj. farmer



Fawcett Miss

Gawland F. Stockton, Heaning hall

Mallinson John



Marked thus ° farm 150 acres or over.

Alderson Wm. blacksmith

Atkinson Geo. farmer, Swinecote

Atkinson Jn. farmer, Littleburn

Blades Jn. farmer, Littleburn

Close Victor, farmer

Cottringham Thos. farmer

°Dinsdale Stephen, Jn. & Frank frmrs

Fawcett Rowland, farmer

Furnish Fras. farmer

°Hemsley Ralph, farmer



°Heseltine Jeffrey & Jsph. farmers Cote  bottom

Humble John, George inn & farmer

°Lambert John, farmer

Metcalfe Geo. farmer

Metcalfe William, farmer

Nurse Carr's Private Rest Home

Reading Room (M.W. Heseltine, sec, &  treas)

Rowntree Alfd. & Son, dairymen         [Thoralby Mill]

Sayer Jn. R. flour dlr

Spensley Rt. Guy, farmer, How Syke

Warnford Guest House (Miss K. H.  Smith, proprietress)

Webster Michael, shopkeeper, Post  off

Willis Wm. & Sons, joiners"

(p .33)

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