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Monumental Inscriptions

 Section A 

St. Andrew's Church, Aysgarth

South East Section commencing at path to church (Bishopdale Booklet No. 27). 

Courtesy of Jean Kington (June 1992).

Section A


KEY - Bishopdale Resident, Newbiggin ResidentThoralby Resident

















































2. Sacred to the memory of George JACKSON of Lane House, Bishopdale who died August 19th 1825 aged 95 years also Elizabeth JACKSON his wife who died May 26th 1818 aged 72 years also Elizabeth daughter of the above and wife of Thomas LAMBERT of Lane House, Bishopdale who died July 16th 1864 aged 65 years


3. Here lies the remains of William JACKSON son of Geo and Eliz JACKSON of Newbiggin who died July 10th 1786 aged 14 years


4. Here lies the body of Tristram HOGG of Littleburn near Thoralby who departed this life July 4th in the 54th year of his age and in the year of our Lord 1755


6. In memory of John son of John & Abigail STIRK of Thoralby who died Sep 28th 1841 aged 12 years also Benjamin his brother who died an infant also Edward Purchas STIRK was born May 20th 1838 and died Dec 2nd 1895.


22c. In loving memory of John eldest son of John & Mary METCALFE of Kidstones who died July 30th 1874 aged 25 years, also of the above John METCALFE who died June 14th 1881 aged 76 years also of Mary his wife who died Feb 15th 1907 aged 88 years also of Thomas Richard their son who died Dec 14th 1889 aged 38 years


28. In loving memory of John CLOSE of Heaning, Thoralby who died March 10th 1922 aged 68 years also of Ann CLOSE beloved wife of the above who died March 22nd 1944 aged 90 years


35. In loving memory of James Lamb RAW of Thoralby died 20th Feb 1925 aged 59 years also of Agnes Grace his wife who died Jan 17th 1851 aged 76 years.


37. In loving memory of Elizabeth FAWCETT of Town Head, Thoralby who died Nov 26th 1923 aged 75 years also her sister Jane who died July 6th 1927 aged 73 years


54. In loving memory of Matthew Heseltine WILLIS of Thoralby died 10th July 1926 aged 53 years also Amelia WILLIS died 28th Dec 1962 aged 91 years


68. In loving memory of Thomas Heseltine METCALFE the beloved son of William and Jane EllenMETCALFE who died April 18th 1930 aged 19 years also of the above Jane Ellen of Thoralby whodied 4th Nov 1959 aged 83 years.


75. In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth beloved wife of William METCALFE of Thoralby died 28th Nov 1948 aged 48 years.


76. In loving memory of Rachel the beloved wife of Francis FURNISH of Spickles, Thoralby who died July 18th 1928 aged 63 years


88. In loving memory of John WILLIS of Thoralby who died August 6th 1932 aged 76 years.


89. In loving memory of Mary Ann WEBSTER who died Oct 14th 1935 [Thoralby] and of Richard WEBSTER the husband of the above died June 22nd 1938 [Fernlea, Thoralby] also of Michael Harold and Matthew Willis who died in the service of their country 1916 - 1918.


97. In loving memory of Christopher HESELTINE of Heaning, Thoralby who died 10th July 1946 aged 64 years also of his beloved wife Edith who died 19th Oct 1950 aged 66 years.


99. In loving memory of William Arthur LAMBERT of Longridge, Bishopdale died Sep 2nd 1937 aged 39 years, also of his wife Mabel LAMBERT died August 5th 1967 aged 64 years.


107. In loving memory of William HESELTINE of Ribber Hall, Bishopdale who died Dec 3rd 1921 aged 79 years, also Elizabeth his wife who died June 9th 1921 aged 75 years and of their son John who died Feb 15th 1921 aged 39 years also of Sarah their daughter who died July 19th 1921 aged 36 years


108. In loving memory of Elizabeth Ann the beloved wife of Jeffrey HESELTINE of How Syke, Bishopdale who died Dec 4th 1922 aged 73 years, also of the above Jeffrey HESELTINE who died Sep 30th 1926 aged 79 years.


124. In loving memory of Thomas Coke SQUANCE M.D. late of Sunderland who died at Newbiggin May 31st 1923,  also of Ellen his wife who died at Grasmere March 2nd 1931 in her 80th year


126. In loving memory of Thomas Ralph HAMMOND of Newbiggin in Bishopdale died July 5th 1952 aged 72 years, Anne his wife died Nov 1st 1958 aged 77 years. Also of Alice Anne HAMMOND daughter of the above died April 10th 1980 aged 71 years


129. In loving memory of William Edwin beloved son of Jeffrey and Mary H. HESELTINE of Cote Bottom who died Jan 24th 1928 aged 6 years.


134. In loving memory of a dear husband, father & grandfather Frank SNAITH of Thoralby died 15th Feb 1991 aged 86 years.


138a. In memory of Adam SADLER who died 25th March 1797 aged 53 years and Jane his wife who died 28th Nov 1798 aged 51 years [Thoralby] also of James their son who died 13th August 1804 aged 24 years [Thoralby] also of Bywell their son who died 6th July 1817 aged 43 years [Thoralby] also of John their son who died 20th March 1821 aged 49 years [Thoralby] also of Jane their daughter who died 8 May 1857 aged 81 years [Thoralby], also of Robert their son who died 18th August 7819 aged 41 years also of Charlotte his wife who died 22nd Nov 1845 aged 61 years [Thoralby]


138b. In memory of Jane SADLER 2nd daughter of John and Amelia SADLER who died 10th July 1919 aged 78 years [Thoralby] also of Robert SADLER their only son who died 14th May 1916 and was interred at Southport.


138c. In memory of John SADLER son of Robert and Charlotte SADLER who died July 1876 aged 61 years [Thoralby] also of Amelia his wife who died 30th June 1880 aged 62 years [Thoralby]


138d. In memory of Mary Ann SADLER youngest daughter of John and Amelia SADLER who died 9th March 1892 aged 49 years also Charlotte Amelia SADLER their eldest daughter who died 29th April 1913 aged 73 years [Thoralby].


152. In memory of Thomas LODGE of Thoralby who departed this life April 28th 1803 aged 67 years.


159. In memory of David SUTCLIFFE of Dale Head, Bishopdale died Sep 12th 1984 aged 26 years.


166. In loving memory of a dear son and brother Andrew Richard TUER of Kidstones died 20th Nov 1988 aged 18 years.

Aysgarth MI Section A
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