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Google Map

This map, courtesy of Google maps, shows the village of Thoralby and the surrounding area. You can drag the map to move around, click to zoom in or out, or choose whether to use map or satellite view.

Below is a plan of Thoralby village produced in 2008, courtesy of Colin Day. Each house is numbered and named.

Thoralby Village House Names, 2008
© Thoralby Through Time

For information on the location the outlying houses of Littleburn, Riddings, Spickles, Swinacote, How Syke, Blind Syke, Cote Bottom, Barker and Gayle Ing, look at the additional maps.

Below is a village map of Thoralby, 2018.

Click on the map to enlarge it, then click on the two arrows on the top to left to show the image full-screen size. 

© Thoralby Through Time
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