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Newspaper Extracts - 


Yorkshire Gazette – 8th September, 1821


List (3) GAMEKEEPERS, being ASSESSED Servants at £1. 5s. each:

... Sadler, Abel, by Wm. Purhas, Esq. for Burton-cum-Walden, Thoralby, Aysgarth, Newbiggin and Bishopdale. 


Yorkshire Gazette – 11th August, 1838 


WE, the Undersigned, being Titheowners, or duly authorised Agents of Titheowners, within the Township of NEWBIGGIN, in the Parish of Aysgarth in the County of York, who are entitled to the whole interest in the Tithes of the said Township, do by this Notice in Writing under our Hands, call a TOWNSHIP MEETING of Land owners and Titheowners within the Limits of the said Township, for the purpose of making an Agreement for the General COMMUNICATION of TITHES, within the Limits of the said Township, pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of the Reign of his late Majesty, intituled, “An Act for the Communication of the Tithes in England and Wales.”


And we do herby also give Notice, that such Meeting will be held at the House of Mr. THOMAS TATTERSALL, Innkeeper, in the said Township, on WEDNESDAY, the Twenty Second Day of August next, at the Hour of Two in the Afternoon.


Given under our Hands this 13th Day of July, 1838.

THOS. PEACOCK, Agent for the Master, Fellows,

and Scholars of Trinity College, Cambridge.



Yorkshire Gazette – 2nd July, 1859





The midsummer quarer sessions for the North-Riding of this county commenced on Tuesday last, at the Sessions-house, Northallerton …




Mr. Geo. Clarkson, of Whitby, wine merchant, Foreman.

Mr. John Boulby, of Ugglebarnby, farmer.

Mr. John Dale, of Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Wm. Frank, of Great Fryup, Danbt, farmer.

Mr. John Scarr Foster, of Bainbridge, yeoman.

Mr. John Fryer, of Newbiggin, yeoman.

Mr. Issac Hughill, of Danby, gentleman.

Mr. Thomas Hammond, of Thoralby, yeoman.

Mr. Wm. Hepton, of Whitby, druggist.

Mr. C. B Johnson, of Hawes, grocer.

Mr. Wm. Nellist, of Ainthorpe. Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Thos. Nicholson, of Walden, farmer.

Mr. Wm. Pearson, of Skinnigrove, gentleman.

Mr. James Rider, of Burton, farmer.

Mr. O. F. Routh, of Burtersett, Hawes, gentleman.

Mr. B. Smith, of near Lofthouse, farmer.

Mr. James Stanger, of Normanby, grocer.

Mr. Thos. Stephenson, of Ugglebarnby, farmer.

Mr. Robt. Venis, of Great Fryup, Danby, yeoman.

Mr. Thos. Williams, of Eston, clerk. 


York Herald – 20th February, 1869






The Poor-Law Board, under the authority of an Act passed last session, recently issued an order for the dissolution of the Bainbridge (Gilbert’s) Incorporation, which comprised the townships of High and Low Abbotside, Hawes, Bainbridge, Askrigg, Burton-cum-Walden, Thoralby, and Aysgarth, and they have subsequently issued another order, forming those townships, with the addition of the townships of Carperby, Thornton Rust, Bishopdale, and Newbiggin into a union under their control, to be called “Aysgarth Union.” The elections of the first guardians for the various townships were completed last week, and on Monday the new board met for the first time, at the Workhouse, Bainbridge, when the Poor-Law inspector of the district was present. Mr. Wm. Purchas, of West Burton, was elected chairman, and Mr. Geo. Winn, of Askrigg, vice-chairman, until the termination of the current year; and Mr. Geo. Winn, jun., solicitor, Askrigg was unanimously elected clerk to the guardians, Mr. T. Hammond, solicitor, of West Burton, who had offered himself for the office, having retired without contest.  


Yorkshire Gazette- 5th April, 1884






Abbotside High, John Sedgwick and Anthony Johnson; Abbotside Low, Clement Thompson and Geo. Scarr, jun.; Akebar Jas. Thompson; Arrathorne, Joseph Addison Parlour and Robt.Trotter; Askrigg. Miles Little and Robt. Mason; Aysgarth, Thos. Baynes and Jas. Thompson; Bainbridge, John Close and Jas. Kirkbride; Barden, Jas. Taylor and Jos Hutchinson; Bellerby, Wm. Brown and Jos. Pearson; Bishopdale, Wm. Dent and Thos. Lambert; Burton-cum-Walden, Wm. Metcalfe and C. Matson; Burton Constable, John Ake and David Ake; Bolton Castle, Henry Mason and Philp Dinsdale; Calbridge, John Falshaw and Matthew Harrison; Carlton Town, Henry Harrisob and Jas. Walls; Carlton Highdale, Joseph Rider and Christopher Watson; Carperby, James Pickard and Thos. Scott; Coverham, Matthew Watson and R. Brown; Downholme, Thos. Brown and Jas. Russell; Ellerton, R. Nelson and Robt. Hird; Finghall, Francis Dennison and Wm. Suffield; Gariston, J. Siddle and J. Burnett, Grinton, Mark Kendall; Harmbt, Matthew Dobson Peacock and Wm. Pattison; Hauxwell East, Francis P. Slater and Jas. Bowe; Hauxwell West, Martin Robinson; Hawes, Wm. Alderson and J. Metcalfe; Hunton, Jno. Atkinson and Wm. Waller; Leyburn, Wm. H. Horn and Anthony Urwin; Melmerby, Matthew Watson and Richard Simpson; Middleham, C. Clarkson and Geo. Blades; Newbiggin, Richard L. Dent and    J. Lambert; Preston, Jeremiah Horn and Wm. Robinson ; Redmire, J. Dinsdale and J.S. Calvert; Srafton West, J. Horner and Tristram Hogg; Spennithorne, G. Langstaff, sen., and G. Barker; Stainton, Robt. Deacon and Jas. Wilson; Thoralby, Thos. Fawcett and Wm. Metcalfe; Thornton Steward, J. Robson and H. Waddington; Thornton Rust, Jeremiah Richardson and Simon Hunter; Wensley, Thos. Glew and Jonathon Robinson; Witton East (Within), J. Croft sen., F. Croft Barker; Witton East (Without), Wm. Vayro and Wm. Thompson; Walburn, H. Storey and G. Spence; West Witton, J. Rodwell and T. Brown.  


York Herald – 14th April, 1887





At Wensley vestry meeting yesterday, the Hon. and Rev. T.O.Powlett presided. The following were re-elected:- Wensley, Mr. Wyse; Leyburn, Mr. Raw; Preston, Mr. Willis. At Aysgarth, last night, the following were elected churchwardens for the several townships:- Aysgarth, W.H. Tomlinson; Thornton Rust, Captain Chapman; West Burton, J.C. Winn; Carperby, W. Bell; Newbiggin, R. Thwaite; Bishopdale, R. Lodge; Thoralby, L. Jaques. At Middleham, last night, Mr. Thos. E. Swale and S. Croft were re-elected churchwardens. At Bellerby, Mr. R. Campbell and Mr. Broadley were re-elected wardens. 


York Herald – 5th April, 1888





The annual meeting was held on Monday night, the Vicar (Rev. F.C. Stow) in the chair. The following churchwardens were elected: - Aysgarth, W.H. Tomlinson; West Burton, J.C. Winn; Thoralby, L. Jaques; Newbiggin, R. Thwaite; Carperby, W. Bell



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