Newspaper Extracts - Thoralby 


Illustrated London News - 28th April, 1860


THE DRAWING FOR THE LONDON ART-UNION took place on Tuesday and the chief prizeholders were the following: - ... Miss A. Dunn, Thoralby, ... entitled to select a work of art of the value of £100.

Yorkshire Gazette - 6th July, 1861




The court-house at Northallerton was opened at eleven o’clock on Tuesday morning last, when the Midsummer Quarter Sessions commenced. …




Mr. J.J. Rigg, of Ruswarp, gentleman.

Mr. Charles Bryan, of Whirby, jet manufacturer.

Mr. James Cole, of Skelton, yeoman.

Mr. John Dixon, of Skelton, merchant.

Mr. T. Hobkirk, jun., of Whitby, ship-builder.

Mr. John Hogg, of Lazenby Wilton, land agent.

Mr. Robert Hebden, of Busk, Bainbridge, yeoman.

Mr. John Knaggs, of Lazenby, innkeeper.

Mr. R. Middleton, of Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre, farmer.

Mr. Wm. Malthousw of East Coatham, shipowner.

Mr. J.B. Nicholson of Whitby, ship chandler.

Mr. Richard Parke, of Ruswarp, gentleman.

Mr. A. robinson, of Redcar, druggist.

Mr. F. Rider, of Thoralby, farmer.

Mr. John Small. Of Guisbrough, gentleman.

Mr. John Sykes, of Askrigg, grocer.

Mr. John Stockdale, of Worton, Bainbridge, gentleman.

Mr. Thomas Turnbull, jun., of Hawkser, ship-builder.

Mr. H.W. Thomas, of Hutton, Lowcross, gentleman.

Mr. Thomas Wright, of Ruswarp, shipowner.

Mr. Matthew Webster, of Askrigg, yeoman.

[Mr Francis Rider can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

Leeds Mercury - 10th August, 1861


THORALBY INCLOSURE. - The Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales hereby give NOTICE, THAT A meeting of the Persons Interested by HECKBERRY BRAE or BARKER HIGH PASTURE and BARKER LOW PASTURE, situate in the Township of Thoralby, in the parish of Aysgarth, in the county of York, will be held on the Sixth day of September next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, at the Loyal Dales Volunteer Inn, in the said township, for the purpose of appointing a Valuer in the matter of the inclosure of the said lands, under the provisions of "The Acts for the Inclosure, Exchange, and Improvement of Land."

And they further give Notice, that a majority in number, and in respect of interest of such persons, may at the meeting, resolve upon instructions to the Valuor, not inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the provisional order made by them in the matter of the said inclosure.

Witness my hand, this 6th day of August, in the year of our Lord, 1861. 

E. TATTERSHALL, by Order of the Board.

York Herald - 15th February, 1862





This Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists. ...

John Nicholson, Thoralby, Draper, &c.

[John Nicholson can be viewed in the 1861 census returns for Thoralby].

Westmorland Gazette - 5th April, 1862




At the Parish Church, Dent, on the 29th ult., by the Rev. R. Sedgwick, B.A., Mr. Matthew Lambert Taylor, of Thoralby, to Miss Emma Allen, of Deepdale, in Dent.


Yorkshire Gazette - 5th July, 1862




This morning at eleven o’clock the justices of the North Riding assembled in the Court House of this borough, when the Midsummer Quarter Session of the Peace were formerly opened …




MARY M’DONALD, 26, pleaded guilty to having on the 10th of May, at Thoralby, stolen a cotton dress, the property of Mary Metcalfe. She admitted that last year she was convicted of felony at York. – To be imprisoned for nine months.

York Herald - 29th August, 1863





The first annual meeting of this society, which is an amalgamation of those smaller associations whose shows were formerly held at Leyburn, Barden and East Witton, took place on Wednesday last, at Leyburn, and gave promise by its success to be one of the most important in North Yorkshire. ...

Leyburn Market Club. - Specimen of new milk cheese (to consist of not less than 3 cwt. the produce of one dairy), £2; second, £1; third, 10s - 1, John Fawcett, Thoralby; 2, W. Robinson, Riddings, near Thoralby; 3, R. Lambert, Gammersgill.

Perry's Bankrupt Gazette - 12th March, 1864


BANKRUPTS, - in the Country.

WARKER [HARKER] Ralph, [Mar.4] butcher, Askrigg, North Riding; sur. 18th Mar. 12 Cy-ct - Leyburn Reg. O.A. - Robinson. Solicitor J. Sadler, Thoralby.


[John Sadler can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

Yorkshire Gazette – 26th March, 1864



In the County Court of Yorkshire, holden at Leyburn.


RALPH HARKER, of Askrigg, in the North Riding of the County of York, Butcher, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 4th Day of March, 1864, a Public Sitting for the said Bankrupt to pass his Last Examination, and make application for his Discharge, will be held at the said Court at Leyburn, on the 21st Day of APRIL, 1864, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said Bankrupt to surrender.

The REGISTRAR of the Court is the official Assignee, and Mr. JOHN SADLER, of Thoralby, is the Solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. 

                                                                                                                                                      H.T. ROBINSON, Registrar.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - 2nd May, 1864



HAMMOND-HOLGATE. - April 25, at Mary's Church, Clitheroe, by the Rev. J.H. Anderton, Jeffrey, eldest son of Thomas Hammond, Esq., of Thoralby, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, to Ellen, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Holgate, Esq., of Clitheroe; also same time and place, Christopher, second son of the same Thomas Hammond, Esq, to Mary third daughter of the above late Stephen Holgate, Esq.

[Thomas Hammond can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

Yorkshire Gazette – 27th August, 1864






The second show of the above society since its amalgamation with the Leyburn, Barden, and East Witton association, took place at East Witton on Wednesday last, and the anticipation that had been formed that this is likely to become one of the most important in the North Riding of this county bids fair, judging of the past exhibitions, to be fully realised. The district in which the operations of this society are carried on is beautiful that is quite sufficient to attract visitors thither, and the two fields in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Croft and two occupied by Mr. Wm. Metcalfe, in which the show was held, are in a most picturesque situation. About £150 were offered in prizes, which is the largest sum yet given, and among the special prizes were two by the members of Mr. Bruere’s hunt, and others by the Leyburn Market club. The show included not merely the usual array of stock, but other agricultural produce, consisting of cheese, for which the vale of Wensley is justly celebrated, butter, turnips, potatoes, and onions. In the article of cheese a novelty was exhibited by Mr. R. Frank, of Breekenbrough, his chesses, which are conical shape from the fact of being made in nets, not being pressed, and they are, we understand, much richer than those made in the ordinary way. The chees exhibited on this occasion was remarkably good, and it would be to the benefit of those who are in the habit of making cheeses if the prizes were increased, which will probably be the case another year. The entries of the associated society have been as follows:- … 


                          1863.                       1864.

Cattle ............................... 77 ..... 73

Sheep .............................  85 ... 102

Horses ........................... 191....193

Pigs ...............................      7 .... 10

Poultry ........ .................... 61 ... .61

Agricultural produce ..... 55 ..... 67


There is therefore a total increase this year of 35, the numbers in all departments except two being higher than those of 1863. ...


The weather was favourable, but very cold for the season, and the company were charmed by the performance of the Leyburn band…



Given by the Leyburn Market Club.


Specimen of new milk cheese, to consist of not less than one cwt., the produce of one dairy. £2, Mr. J. Heugill, Edgley; second, £1, Mr. R. Frank, Brecenborough; third, 10s. Mr. J. Thwaite, Thoralby. …

Whitby Gazette – 17th June, 1865



The following Gentlemen constitute Mr. F. A. Milbank's Committee, with power to add to their number:- ...


Leonard Jaques, esq, Warnford-cottage, Thoralby

W.H. Milner, esq, Thoralby 

[Henry Milner can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby, and Leonard Jaques can be viewed in the 1871 census for Thoralby].

Yorkshire Gazette – 26th August, 1865





At the FOX AND HOUNDS INN, in West Burton, in the Parish of Aisgarth, in the North Riding of the County of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 6th Day of SEPTEMBER, at the Hour of THREE in the Afternoon precisely, subject to Conditions to be then read, 

ALL that most desirable FREEHOLD DAIRY FARM, or ESTATE, called "Spickles," near West Burton aforesaid, and situate in the several Townships of Thoralby, Newbiggin, and Aisgarth, in the said Parish, consisting of 31A. 3R. 16P. of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable LAND.

Mr. Thomas Coates, the Tenant, will show the Estate, and Printed Particulars may be had of W.M. GIBSON, Esq., No. 64, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, at the place of Sale, at the principal Hotels and Inns in the Neighbourhood, of the Auctioneer at Askrigg, and at the Office of Mr. HAMMOND, Solicitor, West Burton, Bedale, Yorkshire, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen.

[Thomas Coates can be viewed at Spickles Farm, in the 1861 census for Thoralby, and John Fawcett can be viewed at Spickles Farm, in the 1871 census for Thoralby].

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal – 30th November, 1865





The Commencing from and out of Railway No.2, at the termination of that Railway, passing thence through or into the following Parishes, Townships, and places, or some of them, that is to say: Buckden and Arncliffe, in the said West Riding; and Bishopdale, Thoralby, Aysgarth, Carperby, Carperby-cum-Thoresby, Wensley, Newbiggin, Burton, West Burton, and Burton-cum-Walden, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, and terminating in the said Township of Carperby-cum-Thoreseby, in the said Parish of Aysgarth, in a pasture field known as Swale field, belonging to Lord Bolton, and in the occupation of Henry James King.

Leeds Mercury – 1st August, 1866


Domestic Servants Wanted.

WANTED immediately, a middle-aged person to do Household work for two and to Teach in a Girls's School a plain English Education. Apply Mr. Milner, Thoralby, Bedale, Yorkshire.

[Henry Milner can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].


York Herald – 3rd November, 1866






At Leyburn Town Hall, yesterday week, before Lord Bolton, the Rev. E. Wyvill, S. Stranbenzee, Esq., and Colonel Wade Francis Scott, of Thoralby, charged Issac Metcalfe, of the same place, with assaulting him on the 4th ult. Fined 5s and costs. Mr. Hammond was for the complainant, and Mr. Teal for the defendant. Thomas Clark, of Horse House, Coverdale, was charged with driving two bullocks in Coverham-lane without license. Fined 1s. 6d. each bullock.


Several other unimportant cases were also unheard.

York Herald – 8th December, 1866




TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on FRIDAY, the 21st Day of December, 1866, at the BOLTON ARMS, Leyburn, near Bedale, at ELEVEN for TWELVE o’Clock at Noon, Mr. RICHARD HOLMES, Auctioneer, all that Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, known as the “GALE ING” Estate, with the Farm-House and Farm-Buildings thereon, adjoining Thornton Moor, near Aysgarth, in the North Riding of the County of York, and containing 421 Acres 32 Perches, or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Thompson, as Tenant, under a Lease for Ten Years, dated the 6th April, 1862, at the low rent of £170 per Annum, the tenant paying in addition £5 per annum towards the Draining of the Estate, and the Timber, Minerals, and the Right of Shooting being also Reserved from the Lease.


This estate consists of excellent Grazing Land, and, having been for many years in the hands of farmers, it is well drained and in good condition. It affords capital Grouse Shooting, and a Trout Stream runs through it. It is partly bounded by Two Public Roads, one from the Village of Thoralby, and the other from the Village of Aysgarth. From the great and increasing demand for Grazing Land, and the contiguity of this Estate to the properties of many large and wealthy land owners, it offers to the capitalist a safe and desirable investment.


The Wood upon the Farm will be Sold at a Valuation. The Tenant will Show the Farm [John Metcalfe]. Further Particulars, and Conditions of Sale, may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneer; or to Messrs. J. and R.S. WATSON, Solicitors, 101, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


York Herald – 5th January, 1867






At the Town-hall, Leyburn, before Lord Bolton, Hon., W. H. Powlett, and H. Van Stranbenzee, Esq., on Friday week, Thomas Morrison, of Wakefield, was charged by J.F. Dent, Esq., agent to Lord Bolton, with cutting down some holly trees, on the farm in the occupation of Mr. R. Kirk, Gale Bank, near Wensley, on the 19th ult. The defendant said he supplied several parties at Wakefield at Christmas time with holly. He was fined 1s. and 1s. damages and costs. – Superintendent Womsley charged W. Robinson, labourer of Bellerby, with having a horse grazing in the lane. The defendant having been twice convicted of the same offence, was fined 5s., or in default of payment seven days to the House of Correction. Francis Scott, labourer, Thoralby, was charged by a police officer stationed at West Burton with taking salmon. Fined £1 and costs, and 10s. for having the salmon in his possession, or 21 days. – The police officer stationed at Grinton charged a man named Reynoldson, who kept a lodging-house at Reeth, in Swaledale, with two others, viz. Johnson and Hall with being poachers. On searching them he found on Reynoldson a ferret and two rabbits, and on Johnson six nets, Hall had a lurcher dog. Reynoldson was fined £1 1s. and costs, or one month to hard labour. The other two had absconded. The ferrets and nets were ordered to be destroyed. 

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – 2nd March, 1867




in the County of York.

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr RICHARD HOLMES, at the house of Mr Joseph Lambert, Innkeeper [George Inn], in Thoralby, in the County of York, on WEDNESDAY the 6th day of March next, at seven o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then produced and read,

ALL that Well and Substantially Built WATER CORN MILL, situate at Thoralby aforesaid, and commonly called "Thoralby Mill," with the drying kilns, gear and machinery therein, and the pieces or parcels of land, weirs, dams, and mill-race, together with the outbuildings and appurtenances thereto adjoining and belonging. And also all that CLOSE, Piece, or Parcel of PASTURE LAND near thereto, and separated therefrom by the raid from Thoralby to Kettlewell, and known by the name of "Batts," and containing by admeasurement half-an-acre or thereabouts, be the same more or less.

The mill and premises are in good repair and condition, well situated, and abundantly supplied with water.

The business has long been established, an is very lucrative.

Mr John Sarginson, the tenant, will show the property and further particulars may be had on application at the offices of 

                  Messrs ROBIBNSON & CHAPMAN, Solicitors, Leyburn.

            Leyburn, 8th February, 1867. and

[Joseph Lambert and  John Sarginson can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].

During the 1820s-1840s the mill was owned and run by George Calvert (1773-1840). John Sayer (1814-1901), of Newbiggin bought the mill in 1867 and he and his family ran the business until its closure in 1919.

Yorkshire Post – 5th April, 1867



At the IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTY in the Townships of THORALBY, and AYSGARTH,  in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr GEORGE TERRY, on WEDNESDAY the 17th day of April, 1867, at the George Inn, in Thoralby aforesaid, at Seven o'clock in the evening (subject to such conditions as will be then read), and in the following or such other lots as may be agreed upon at the time of sale: - 

Lot 1. ALL that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE [Rose Cottage], with the Barns, Stables, Outbuildings, Garden, Garth, and CLOSE OF LAND, situate in the village of Thoralby aforesaid, and containing by admeasurement 1A. 2R. 33P., be the same more or less, and numbered respectively 205, 206,207, and 208, on the Tithe Commutation Plan for the said township of Thoralby.

Lot 2. All those CLOSES or PARCELS OF LAND called Lopsey Beck Close or Lopsey Kell Foot, Corn Close or Watergalls, Little Roods or Ploughing Field, containing by admeasurement 9A. 0R. 0P., be the same more or less, and numbered respectively 360, 359, 380, and 381 on the said Tithe Commutation Plan.

Lot 3. All those CLOSES or PARCELS OF LAND called Roods, or High Roods Skellicks Brea and Plantation, New Close, Skellicks and Allotments, containing by admeasurement 12A. 2R. 4P., be the same more or less, and numbered respectively on the said plan 378, 376, 375, 377, 372, and 392. 

Lot 4. All that ALLOTMENT called Side Allotment, containing by admeasurement 12A. 0R. 13P., be the same more or less, and numbered 563 on the said plan.

Lot 5. Another Side ALLOTMENT, containing by admeasurement 8A. 3R. 7P., be the same more or less, and numbered 525 on the said plan.


Lot 6. All that ALLOTMENT or Parcel of Land, containing by estimation 22A. 1R. 31P., more or less formerly forming part of Aysgarth Moor.

Lot 7. All that ALLOTMENT formerly forming part of Aysgarth Pasture, and containing by admeasurement 12A. 3R. 28P., more or less, and now in the occupation of James Heseltine, as tenant thereof.

The first six Lots are in the occupation of Mr John Duckett, who will show the same, and additional information may be had on application at the offices of 

         Messrs ROBINSON & CHAPMAN, Solicitors, Leyburn.

  Leyburn, March, 1867.

[John Duckitt can be viewed in the 1861 census for Thoralby].



York Herald – 21st September, 1867




On Saturday last, at the Town Hall, Leyburn, before Lord Bolton, Alfred Parkinson, of Redmire, was charged with stealing a horse, value £18, the property of Mr. John Shields, of Redmire. It appeared that on or about the 17th of June last, Mr. Shields sent by Parkinson a horse to be depastured for the summer in a field in the occupation of Mr. Coates, of Thoralby [Thomas Coates, Spickles Farm]. On the 12th of August last. Parkinson went to Thoralby, and told Mr. Coates that Mr. Shields had sent him for a horse. Coates, believing the statement to be true, allowed Parkinson to take it away. The prisoner was next found dealing with the horse at West Witton. In the first instance he offered it in exchange to a dealer of the name of Preston, and afterwards sold it to Preston for £6 5s., and Preston in half an hour re-sold it to another dealer named Iveson for £7 5s. Parkinson decamped with the money, and was last week found in Lymm, in Cheshire, where Superintendent Walmsley took him into custody. The prisoner in defence had nothing to say beyond stealing it was all through drink; he had been drinking for 2 days, or he should never have thought of such a thing as taking the horse. The prisoner, who is a young man of good abilities and is respectably connected, was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions at Northallerton.

[Thomas Coates can be viewed at Spickles Farm in the 1861 census for Thoralby].


York Herald – 20th February, 1869






The Poor-Law Board, under the authority of an Act passed last session, recently issued an order for the dissolution of the Bainbridge (Gilbert’s) Incorporation, which comprised the townships of High and Low Abbotside, Hawes, Bainbridge, Askrigg, Burton-cum-Walden, Thoralby, and Aysgarth, and they have subsequently issued another order, forming those townships, with the addition of the townships of Carperby, Thornton Rust, Bishopdale, and Newbiggin into a union under their control, to be called “Aysgarth Union.” The elections of the first guardians for the various townships were completed last week, and on Monday the new board met for the first time, at the Workhouse, Bainbridge, when the Poor-Law inspector of the district was present. Mr. Wm. Purchas, of West Burton, was elected chairman, and Mr. Geo. Winn, of Askrigg, vice-chairman, until the termination of the current year; and Mr. Geo. Winn, jun., solicitor, Askrigg was unanimously elected clerk to the guardians, Mr. T. Hammond, solicitor, of West Burton, who had offered himself for the office, having retired without contest.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – 17th July, 1869



GOVERNESS WANTED, in a farm-house, to instruct five children (under 13). Must be able to impart a sound English education in all its branches - French, music, and needlework. Must be willing to make herself generally useful (nothing menial required). Good reference. Reply, stating age, salary, &c., to A.B., Post Office, Thoralby, Bedale.


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