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Newspaper Extracts - Thoralby 


Leeds Intelligencer - 2nd December, 1777


... The following Persons were severally convicted before William Chaytor, Esq; in the penalty of 5s.* each, for reeling halfe or short yarn, on the 14th and 17th ult. under the late act of parliament obtained for that purpose: Margaret Deighton, John Hall, Sarah Wilson, Nathaniel French, James Warrener, John Chambers, and Elizabeth Sherriff, all of Middleham; Mary Viltey, Mary Walbank, John Rodham, Ann Allinson, George Askough, James Skelton, Richard Dixon, Margaret Hawkins, Mary Thackrah, and Mary Wray, all of Leyburn; Sarah Harrison and William Stabler, both of Melmerby; George Tatham, Joseph Rider, Dorothy Leeming, Jane Caygill, William Taterfall, Eliz. Tesseyman, Ann Wriglesworth, Margaret Wray, Elizabeth Pickard, and Isabella Clarkson, all of Carlton; James Deacon and Richard Hall, both of Gammersgill; Jane Canon and Mary Wilson, both of Horses [Horeshouse]; Elizabeth Turner, of Coverham; John Bowes and Jane Dawson, both of Swineside; Francis Wilkinson, Len. Horner, Judith Spence, Mary Scott, Hannah Bell, Fanny Burton, Sarah Chapman, Eliz. Clarkson, John Hanley, Ann Ascough, Jane Spence, William Hunter, and Ben. Darwen, all of West Scrafton; Sarah Thompson, of Waldin [Walden]; Margaret Greenbank, Elizabeth Tunstill, Ann Kirkbright, Jane Swainestone, and Adam Harker, all of Burton in Bishopdale [West Burton]; Stephen Mattttison, Margaret Heseltine, Peter Hutchinson, and Mrs Sarah Sadler, all of Thoralby; Ann Reynald, of Swinuate [Swinithwaite]; Mary Hogg and Elizabeth Meggison, both of West Witton; John Hanley, Eliz. Whitelock, Ann Wright, and George Blackburn, all of Bellerby; Dorothy Longstaff, Sarah Brumfitt, Jenkin Dinsdale, James Wright, Elizabeth Hawkswell, and Susannah Heslop, all of Harnby [Harmby].


[The Worsted Acts, passed between 1777 and 1791, established semi-official industrial police forces in nearly a third of the counties of England, charged with detecting and prosecuting reeling of worsted yarn by hand spinners.]



Leeds Intelligencer - 14th March 1780


... The following persons were severally convicted under the Worsted Act, for the following Offences, viz.

Before Matthew Dodsworth, Esqr, at Crake-Hall. Mabel, the Wife of John Barthollomy, of Askrigg. Nelly, the Wife of James Rennalds, of Wensley, Elizabeth, the Wife of David Pl??s, and Ann, the Wife of Joseph Horsfield, both of Bolton. Jane, the Wife of Miles Simpson, of Thoralby. Sarah, the Wife of Martin Wilson, and Jane, the Wife of James Whitell, both of Aisgarth. Dorothy Husband, Widow, Esther, the Wife of Ralph Pattison, Margaret the Wife of Thomas Hardy, all of Catterick. Mary, the Wife of James Wray, Mary Walker, Widow, Esther Lasenby, Singlewoman, and Mary Bradberry, Singlewoman, all of Middleham. Mary Barnes, of Burton. Grace Wells, Singlewoman, Fremington. Betty Spence, Singlewoman, of Walden; and Ellin Collin, Singlewoman, of Ilton, in the Penalty of 5s. each. ...


Leeds Intelligencer - 17th April 1781


 ... The following Persons were severally convicted under the Worstd Act in the several Offeces following, viz.

27th, Before Peter Goyllet, Esq., of Badger Hall.

Geo. Whitehead, of West Burton; Rob. Glasby, Thomas Hewitt, and Mary Wilson, of West-Witton; Eliz. Thornton of Thoralby; Eliz. Dent, Ellin Birkbeck, and Ann Williamson, of Layburn; Esabella Johnson, Margaret Espiner, and Mary Eden, of Crakehall; Ann Hall; and Mary Metcalfe. of Hackforth; Mary Herron. Mary Osleton, and Ann Osmotherly, of Kirk-Feetham; Elliner Roberts, of Catterick; Fanny Lupton, of Fencote; Jane Walker of Scuton; Mary Place, of Bedale; Margaret Robinson, and Jane Dawson, of Newton-in-the-Willows; Hannah Sanderson, of Paterick-Brompton, and Isabella Rennard, of Firby. Mary Chapman, of Hackforth, and Rich. Taylor, of Carlton, both in the penalty of 5s. for refusing to discover who was the reeler of two pounds of worsted yarn.

Cambridge Intelligencer - Saturday 16 November 1793

From the London Gazette.

St. James’s, November 7.

... Whitehall, Nov.9. The Lord Chancellor has appointed John Sadler of Thoralby, in the county of York, Gentleman, to be a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.


Leeds Intelligencer - 19th October 1795



 ... A few days since died, aged 86, Mr. Brown, of Thoralby, upwards of sixty years chief constable of Hang West Division, in the North-Riding.


Leeds Intelligencer - 18th April 1796


... At the last Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at Northallerton, in and for the North Riding of this county, on the 5th inst. William Bennison, was convicted of larceny [theft], and ordered to be transported for seven years. William Sturdy, convicted of larceny, was sentenced to remain in a house of correction at Northallerton for six months, and to be whipt. - Eliz. Armstrong, convicted of receiving stolen goods, was sentenced to remain in the house of correction for one month an kept to hard labour. - James Kettlewell, Ann Metcalf, Phyllis Scarr, Michael Heseltine, Adam Marchbank, Eliz. Moor, Eliz. North, Isabella Moor, John Furnis, John Pybus, Francis Harrison, and Mary Etherington, were severally indicted for assaulting persons who were conveying corn from Bainbridge, Thoralby, and Aisgarth, in the said Riding, to divers other places for sale, to which the defendants severally submitted; and the Court in consideration of their submission, and at the instance and earnest request of the prosecutors, set small fines upon them, and ordered them to find bail for their good behaviour for the space of three months, next ensuing, or stand committed, upon which they severally found each bail and were the discharged. ...


Leeds Intelligencer - 5th December, 1796



 ... On Friday fe'nnight died, aged 90, Mr. [John] Bywell, of Thoralby, in this county, universally regretted.

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