William White, 1840

(Courtesy of the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes)








"Hang West Wapentake ... Is a romantic and picturesque district of wild and mountainous moors and fells, and deep and fertile dales, extending about 25 miles in length, from east to west averaging 13 miles in breadth, and bounded on the south by the West Riding, on the west by the latter and part of Westmorland, in the north by the river Swale, which separates it from Richmond, and on the West by Gilling Wapentake, and on the east by the Wapentake of Hang East. Wensleydale, one of the fairest vallies in England, extends through the centre of it from west to east, and is watered by the winding stream of the river Ure, which receives many tributary streams from the moors and narrow dales on the north and south ... Thoralby Township consists of 3,100 acres, rental value £4, 465, population 272. (p.601)


AYSGARTH, village and township, pleasantly situated in a romantic and picturesque part pf the river Ure, four miles E. by S. of Askrigg, and W. by S. of Leyburn ... The parish of Aysgarth is very extensive, comprising 5,796 inhabitants, and about 80, 000 acres of land, forming a highly diversified district of high moorlands and fertile dales, extending 17 miles in length, from the borders of Westmorland to the vicinity of Redmire and West Witton, bounded to the south by the hills of the West Riding, and on the north by the river Swale, which like the Ure, rises on its western limits, and receives here many tributary streams. This large parish is divided into 12 townships, and includes the two market towns of Askrigg and Hawes ... The Church (St. Andrew,) is a neat fabric, consisting of a nave, chancel, side aisles, and tower. It is a vicarage, valued in K.B.* at £19 6s. 8d. , and now valued at £137. It was augmented in 1734, with £200 of Q.A.B.** The patronage and appropriate tithes belong to Trinity College, Cambridge, the Rev. John Wynn, B.A., is the incumbent. The Society of Friends  and the Wesleyans have a chapel here ... (p.602)"


 * K.B. - King's Books

** Q.A.B. - Church of England Queen Anne's Bounty



BISHOPDALE township occupies the upper part of the romantic valley from which it has its name, and contains 108 souls and about 5,000 acres of land, extending from 3 to 6 miles south of Aysgarth, and 12 miles S.W. of Leyburn. It is mostly in high moors and fells, adjoining the mountainous part of the West Riding, and its houses are scattered at irregular distances from each other. In the dale are several cascades, falling from a height of 30 or 40 yards, into vast and rocky ravines, beautified by a rich variety of foliage. Wm. Purchas, Esq., is lord of the manor; but a great part of the soil belongs to Mr. Ralph Lodge, and other proprietors. Lead ore is found here, but the mines are small. (p.606)



















NEWBIGGIN is a small village in Bishopdale, six miles S.E. of Askrigg, and 8 miles W.S.W. of Middleham,  and its township consits of 122 souls, and 1,360 acres of land, rising in bold moorland and hills, in some of which lead ore is found. Wm. Purchas. Esq., is lord of the manor; but most of the soil belongs to the Fryer, Hammond and other families. The School, at Cross-lanes, where four or five free-scholars of Newbiggin and Thoralby are educated, was founded in 1748, by Eliz. Whithay, who endowed it with 3 acres of land, ley for £6 a year, besides which, the master has the interest of £20, saved by the trustees. (p.608)
















THORALBY, a straggling village on the west of Bishopdale, 5 miles E.S.E. of Askrigg, has in its township 272 souls and about 3,000 acres of land, rising in lofty moorland fells, and including Littleburn Hall, and other scattered farm houses. Wm Purchas, Esq. is lord of the manor. Here is a Wesleyan chapel, built in 1823. The poor of Thoralby and Newbiggin have 4½  acres of land, left by one Butterfield, and now let for £8 a year; the interest of £3 6s. 8d., left by James Hammond; an annuity of 20s., left by Charles Robinson; and a yearly rent-charge of 20s. bequeathed by one Harrison. The school at Cross-lanes in noticed above ... [Newbiggin ... The School, at Cross-lanes, where four or five free-scholars of Newbiggin and Thoralby are educated, was founded in 1748, by Eliz. Whithay, who endowed it with 3 acres of land, let for £6 a year, beside which the master has the interest of £20, saved by the trustees ... (p. 608)





Calvert G. miller & vict. George & Drag.*

Calvert Francis, stone mason

Dunn Mr. Lawson

Fawcett Jno. joiner

Heseltine Wm. cooper

Lamb Tully, tailor

Nicholson Jno. & Dorothy, shopkeepers

Raw Thos. butcher

Sadler Miss Jane

Thwaite James, vict. Volunteer

Willis Jno. b.h.

Wray Wm. R. gent. East Holme


Later known as the George Inn, possibly to distinguish it from the George & Dragon at the nearby village of Aysgarth.



Purchas Wm. jun.

Sadler John


Nicholson John

Willis John

Boot & Shoemakers.

Dinsdale James

Mattison Stephen

Tomlinson Adam (p.612)

Heseltine Mary, gentwm., Mires Garth

Lodge Ralph, chief constable, New hs.



Broderick John

Bushby Chpr.

Dixon Edmund

Hopper Joseph

Humble Matthew


Lambert Thomas

Metcalfe Robert

Metcalfe Thomas

Mudd William

Sayer Felix

Serjeantson Wm.

Tennant Chpr.


Battison Mr. Fras.

Fryer Jonas, gent.

Heseltine Martha, vict. Board

Lambert Rt. smith, & Joseph, shoemkr.

Pickard Richard, saddler

Tattersall Thos. vict. Street Head Inn



 * are yeomen



Dent John

*Dixon John

Dinsdale John, (& auctioneer)

Lambert John

*Lambert Thos.

Metcalfe John

Sayer Felix

*Slinger Thomas




*are yeomen

Furniss Richard

Hammond John

*Hammond Mdk.

Hammond Wm.

Heseltine George

*Heseltine Jeffrey

Hogg Thomas


*Metcalfe John

Raw John

*Sadler John

Taylor James

Thwaite Richard

Webster John

*Wood Alexander " (p.613)