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Farm Surveys 1941-43:


National Archive (Reference  MAF 32/1077/394)

Fawcett's, Bishopdale
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Women's Land Army Recruting Poster

The photograph shows the Fawcetts at West New House, Bishopdale, hay-timing. (Courtesy of Rowly and Margaret Fawcett.)

The poster was produced by the government during the war to encourage women to help the war effort by joining the 'Women's Land Army'. They were greatly needed as a labour force, because most of the men were away from home in the Army.

Below is a summary of the Farm Survey for Bishopdale, undertaken on 4th June 1941 and the more detailed individual farm survey that was undertaken on 19th February 1942. For contextual information about the National Farm Survey see "Farm Survey" under the "Bishopdale" drop-down menu at the top of the page. For details of individual farms, see list on Individual Farm Surveys page by Surname of Occupier. The Wartime Crops Grown were mainly for animal fodder, but there are a few which weren't, see the table below.

The acreage in the table below is from, the Agricultural Farm Census taken on 4th June, 1941 which in some cases may be different from that given in The Farm Survey of 19th February 1942. R.G. means Rough Grazing.

 * West Lane House, should be in Newbiggin Township.

** Rowland Fawcett, Scar Top & Catherine Shaw Fawcett, The Rookery, farmed as one.

All the above people can also be viewed in more detail in the 1939 ID Register for Bishopdale with the exception of William Edward Brown, who lived at nearby West Burton. Details for William Edward Brown: D.O.B. 3 Apr 1907; Married; Occupation: Dairy & Sheep Farmer. Also George Beresford, who was living at Deepdale Farm, Langstrothdale, moving to Kidstones Farm after the 1939 Register, and before the 1941, Farm Survey. Details for George Beresford: D.O.B. 28 June 1906; Married; Occupation: Farmer, Dairy & Rearing.

Transcripts of all the detailed individual farm information forms for all 11 farms in Bishopdale can be seen at Farm Survey.

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