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Newspaper Extracts - Thoralby 


Yorkshire Gazette – 4th July, 1840




On Tuesday, June 30. The Court met this morning at nine o'clock; when after the usual preliminaries, the following gentlemen were impanelled on 


John Manwaring, Esq., of Middleton, Foreman.

Mr. John Chapman, of Thornton Rust, gentleman

Mr. Richard Capstick Allen, of Hawes, gentleman

Mr. Christopher Barker, of Lastington, yeoman

Mr. James Cooper, of Redmire, joiner

Me. Fletcher Clark, of Hawes, stationer

Mr. Thomas Flintoff, of Lastingham, mason

Mr. John Hinckley, of Welburn, farmer

Mr. Thomas Hogg, of Thoralby, gentleman

Mr. Wm. Lancaster, of Feliskirk

Mr. Robert Lythe, of Snainton, gentleman

Mr. H.J. Leaseley, of Sinnington, farmer

Mr. Anthony Metcalfe, of Hawes, brandy merchant

Mr. Joshua Priestman, of Thornton, farmer

Mr. Ralph Pybus, of Aysgarth, yeoman

Mr. Wm. Scurr, of Sutton-under-Whitestonecliff

Mr. Wm. Sinclair of Sutton-under-Whitestonecliff

Mr. Wm. Saltmer, of Welburn, farmer

Mr. Thomas Storry, of Snainton, yeoman

Mr. James Tunstall, of Aysgarth, yeoman

Mr. Wm. Whaley, of Gayle, yeoman

Mr. James Willan, of Appersett, yeoman

Mr. John Blithe, of Hawes, hosier







Yorkshire Gazette – 26th September, 1840







On MONDAY, the FIFTH Day of October, 1840, at the House of Mr. JAMES THWAITES, known by the Sign of the VOLUNTEER INN, [Now the Grove] in THORALBY, at TWO o’Clock in the Afternoon.


ALL that most Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situated at HEANING, in the Township of Thoralby, in the Parish of Aisgarth, in the North Riding of the County of York, consisting of the Ancient MANSION, called HEANING HALL, with the Out-Buildings and Gardens thereto belonging and several CLOSES and Parcels of Valuable LAND, containing together, 177A. 1R. 16P., be the same more or less, the whole of which (except about 2 acres) is in Grass, and is now in the occupation of Mr. Alexander Mudd. Also several Valuable Woods and full grown Plantations, which are beautifully interspersed on the Estate, and contain together, (in addition to the 177A. 1R. 16P.) 13A. 1R. 9P., be the same more or less.


The above Estate is admirably situated upon a natural Terrace, in one of- the most beautiful and picturesque situations in the North-Riding, commanding a view of the celebrated hill, called Penhill, and of the extensive valley below. A Rivulet, well supplied with water, runs through the Estate, and the stream flowing it forms a beautiful Waterfall known by the name of the Silver Chain.


The Estate is particularly well wooded, and abounds with excellent Limestone; it comprises a large quantity of Lead, and a mine of which was worked in the lifetime of the late proprietor. It is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of that beautiful dale, called Wensleydale, within 8 miles of market-town of Leyburn, 4 miles from Hawes, 5 from Askrigg, and within a very short distance of the celebrated Waterfall, so much admired by Tourists, called Aisgarth Force; and forms a most desirable situation for the Residence of a Gentleman, fond of Field and Sports, as it, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood, abounds with Game, and is within the immediate neighbourhood of the Wensleydale Hounds.


For further Particulars, apply to Messrs MILLS and WARE, Land Agents, York; or Mr. BROOK, or Mr. WORMALD, Solicitors, York.

Yorkshire Herald – 2nd October, 1841





List (1) General Certificates at £4 0s.10d. each.


... Hogg Thomas, Thoralby



Yorkshire Gazette – 2nd July, 1842




On Tuesday last, the 28th instant, the Midsummer General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the North Riding commenced at Northallerton. …




Mr. Wm. Beswick, of Gristhorpe, gentleman.

Mr. Anthony Buckle, of Carlton, farmer.

Mr. Raper Clarkson, of Melbecks, yeoman.

Mr. John Chipchase, of Cotherstone, gentleman.

Mr. Henry Constantine, of Carlton, grocer.

Mr. Cockerill, of Harkness, farmer.

Mr. John Coulson, of Suffield-with-Everley, farmer.

Mr. James Dinsdale, of Askrigg, shopkeeper.

Mr. Mark Elmer, of Hunderthawite, brewer.

Mr. John Fryer, of Burton-cum-Walden, yeoman.

Mr. Simon Fawcett, of Skeugh Head, yeaman.

Mr. Richard Guy, of Thwaite Muker, yeoman.

Mr. Wm. Harker, of Thwaite Muker, yeoman.

Mr. Thos. Hopper, of Suffield-with-Everley, farmer.

Mr. Joseph Skipling, of Hunderthwaite, farmer.

Mr. Edwd. Metcalfe, of Hawes, draper.

Mr. Richd. Webster Moss, of Ebberston, common brewer.

Mr. James Orton, of Askrigg, farmer.

Mr. Robt. Dickibnson, of Seamer, farmer.

Mr. Wm Vernon, of Seamer, farmer.

Mr. John Watson, of Scalby, farmer.

Mr. Matthew Mills, of Aisgarth, grocer.

Mr. Wm. Wray, of Thoralby, farmer.


Yorkshire Gazette – 17th January, 1843




On Tuesday last, the Epiphany General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the North Riding were opened at the Court House in Northallerton …




JAMES TOMLINSON (19) and WILLIAM BICAR, late of the township of Thoralby, were charged with having. On the 14th November, stolen two geese, the property of John Smorthitt, of Healey Cot. Mr. BLANSHARD was for the prosecution; Mr. TEMPLE defended the prisoners. The prosecutor in this case, Mr. John Smorthitt, is a farmer residing at Healey Cot, not far from Masham. On the 1st of November, he selected out of his flock thirteen geese, which he put by themselves, on of which had a particular mark upon it. On Sunday, 13th of November, all the geese were right in the place where they had been put. The next morning, in consequence of his servant telling him something he went to the place where the thirteen geese were put, when he found that two of them were gone, one of them being that which had the particular mark on it. Inquiries were made and information of the robbery given to Mr. Swinburne, the police-officer, who went in various directions in attempting to find the robbers. On account of the information on which he received, Swinburne went to the house of Adam Tomlinson, father of one of the prisoners. He made some inquires and search there, and left the premises for a short time. On returning he found Mr. Tomlinson in the very act of cutting off a goose’s head. He took possession of the body and the head, which he showed to Mr. Smorthitt, who identified them as his property. On the Sunday evening, the day when the robbery was committed, both the prisoners were seen in the neighbourhood of the prosecutor’s house. – The jury found the prisoners NOT GUILTY. The court adjourned about six o’clock.


Yorkshire Gazette – 1st July, 1843




On Tuesday last, the Midsummer General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the North-Riding of this county, commenced at the Sessions-House, Northallerton …




Mr. John Harland, of Marrick, gentleman, foreman.

Thomas Allen, of High Abbotside, farmer.

Thomas Addison, of Coldwell, farmer.David Alderson, of Reeth, farmer.

John Blackbird, of West Scrafton, farmer.

John Breckonfield, of Nettle Pot, Limedale, farmer.

Thomas Blenkiron, of Marrick, yeoman.

John Bradberry, of Marrick, yeoman.

Samuel Thomas Chapman, of Cotherstone.

John Dent, of Mickleton, gentleman.

J.Robinson Fadden, of Saddle Bow, Limedale, farmer.

James Graham, of Rokeby, farmer.

George Horner, of Redmire, yeoman.

Thomas Hammond, of Thoralby, yeoman.

William Layton, of Rokeby, agent.Christopher Other, of Redmire, gentleman.

John Bywell Sadler, of Thoralby, gentleman.

G.Raper Spenceley, of Aldbrough, gentleman.

Henry Thompson, of Reeth, gentleman.

Edmund Walton, of Cotherstone, farmer.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 13th February, 1844



At Thoralby, on the 5th, Mr. George Robinson, aged 88. ... The influenza is raging as an epidemic in Hawes and the neighbourhood.

[George Robinson can be seen was living at Townhead, Thoralby in the 1841 census for Thoralby].

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 27th August, 1844



At West Burton, on the 12th, John Butterfield, aged 69, messenger for West Burton Post Office. Many years letter carrier and messenger for the Hon. Lord Rooksby, of Little-burn, near Thoralby.

York Herald – 5th October, 1844





The second annual exhibition of Stock and Dairy produce, for the premium offered by this society took place at Hawes, on Friday the 27th Sept.; there was a good show of Cattle and Sheep upon the ground. The sample dairy produce were considerably fewer than last year. The successful competitors were as under:-



For the best bull of any age. -1 Mr. Geo Storey, Thorseby; 2, Mr. John H. Cooper, Carperby. – 6 competitors.

For the best yearling bull, - 1, Mr. George Scarr, Gillgate; 2, Mr. Winn, Nappa Hall. – 3 competitors.

For the best cow in calf or milk. – Mr. Jas. Willis, Yores Cot. – 6 competitors.

For the three cows in calf or milk. - Mr. Thos. Willis, Manor House, Carperby. – No competition.

For the best two year old heifer in calf. – Mr. Chapman, Thornton. – 4 competitors.

For the best yearling heifer. Mr. Thomas Hammond, Thoralby. – 8 competitors.


The Wensleydale Advertiser – 18th February, 1845.


At Thoralby, on the 8th, Mrs Thomas Haw of a daughter [Emma Jane, father shoe-maker].



The Wensleydale Advertiser – 29th April, 1845.


The lovers of this manly sport were unexpectedly gratified, on the 16th inst., in Bishopdale, by one of the best hunts which has ever been witnessed for a great number of years, and which attracted a concourse of between 200 and 300 individuals, who collected from the different surrounding villages and farm houses on becoming aware that an otter had been seen in the neighbourhood. The dogs which where collected for the purpose were principally fox hounds, but there were also 6 or 8 terriers, some of which got terribly mauled in the contest with their amphibious enemy. The otter was put out at New Cut in Bishopdale Beck and was not killed until he had made three hours and a half good play, during which time he was only lost once for about fifteen minutes. The fighting between it and the dogs was occasionally severe, frequently six dogs having hold of the rottweiler at once. Two or three dogs were nearly drowned by the otter getting hold of their cheeks and holding them under water.

The cold water cure was tried effectually both wilfully and accidentally. An individual had the misfortune to get a souse over head sadly against his inclination, yet we hear that it has done him wonderful good, in the way of removing sundry rheumatic affections threatening his lungs from over exertion. Several parties were soundly wet with following the dogs in the water encouraging them to the attack. The animal was killed, after a most arduous hunt, at the junction of Walden and Bishopdale Brooks; and weighed upwards of 24 lbs.

Although reading this is very distressing, it reflects how things were and it now seems barbaric and cruel, and such a tragic end for a beautiful creature.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 5th August, 1845


At Thoralby, on the 27th, Elizabeth, wife of Mr John Dinsdale, at an advanced age [Betty Dinsdale, aged 66]


Leeds Intelligencer – 8th November, 1845


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session for one or more Act or Acts to authorise the making and maintaining of the following Railways and Branch Railways ...

... And, the Third of the said Branch Railways to commence on the Line of the said secondly mentioned Railway at or near to Aysgarth Force, in the Township of Aysgarth, and in the Township of Carperby-with Thoresby, both in the Parish of Aysgarth, or one of the said Townships, and to terminate at or near to the Town of Hawes, in the Township of Hawes, and Parish of Aysgarth aforesaid, all in the said North Riding of the County of York, which said Branch Railway and Works are intended to be made, and to pass from, in through, or into the several Parishes, Townships, and Extra-Parochial and other Places following, or some of them, that is to say: Aysgarth, Bishopdale, Thoralby, Newbiggin, Temple, Carperby, Thoresby, High-Thoresby, Low-Thoresby, Carperby-with -Thoresby, Burton, Walden, Burton-cum-Walden, Thornton Rust, Woodhall, Worton, Askrigg, Brough Hill, Bainbridge, Burtersett, Abbotside, Low-Abbotside, High-Abbotside, Hawes, Hardraw, otherwise Hardraw, Widdle, Nappa, Snaizeholme, Appersett, Rigg, all in the North Riding of the County of York. ...

York Herald – 6th December, 1845





ROBBERY OF A CARRIER'S CART AT KETTLEWELL. - During the night of Friday, the 21st, or the morning of Saturday, the 22nd ult., the cart of Christopher Moor was robbed at Kettlewell, under the following circumstances: - Moor was employed by Mr. John Nicholson, of Thoralby, to convey a quantity of goods for him from Skipton to Thoralby. On the Friday night, Moor arrived at Kettlewell, and left his cart safe about eleven o'clock; but on his rising on the Saturday morning, the 22nd, he found the following articles were lost therefrom, viz., 30lbs coffee, 30lbs. shag tobacco, two large rolls of twist tobacco, 7 lbs. candied lemon, a quantity of shawls, scarves, fustian, and other drapery goods, also 20 lbs. of black tea. He immediately informed Mr. Nicholson of the robbery, who went as soon as possible, in search of the goods, and from information he proceeded to Richmond, and there communicated his suspicions to Mr. Johnson, the chief constable of the borough, in consequence of which Mr. Johnson apprehended a man of the name of James Metcalf, on Monday morning, and on searching his house, a quantity of tobacco, black tea, and gentlemen's scarfs were found, also two wrappers, which were secreted in a tub of water, that had evidently just been emptied of tobacco. Mr. Johnson took the prisoner before Matthew Wilson, jun., Esq., of Gargrave, near Skipton, when some parts of the property were identified by the parties who sent them from Skipton; the prisoner was also perfectly identified by several witnesses who knew him, and saw him near to the cart, whilst he was loading similar packages to those which were lost, on the back of a horse, about four o'clock on the morning of the robbery. On going through the evidence, the robbery was fully proved, and the prisoner was committed for trial at the next sessions to be held at Knaresbrough. The exertions of the chief constable, Mr. Johnson, are highly praiseworthy in this case, and we hope he may be successful in his future endeavours to put a stop to the system of robbing carriers' carts, which is now becoming so prevalent.

[Both John Nicholson and Christopher Moor can be viewed in the 1841 and 1851 census for Thoralby]. The list of goods stolen gives an insight into the sort of things sold in the village grocers and draper shop.]



The Wensleydale Advertiser – 9th December, 1845


At Thoralby, on the 24th ult., at an advanced age, Mrs Sadler [Charlotte Sadler, aged 61].

Yorkshire Gazette – 7th February, 1846


Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists. Name, Residence, Occupation. … John Nicholson, Thoralby, Leyburn, Grocer & c. 

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 3rd March, 1846


... At Thoralby, on the 21st, at an advanced age [79], Mrs Dorothy Nicholson, grocer and draper.

[Dorothy Nicholson can be viewed ion the 1841 census for Thoralby.]

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 17th March, 1846


At Wharefdale [Warnford] Cottage, Thoralby, Mrs William Purchas of a daughter, on the 21st ult [Jane, father solicitor].

​The Wensleydale Advertiser – 31st March, 1846


At On the 17th inst., a robbery was effected on the premises of Mr John Nicholson, grocer, whose house was entered by taking out a back window. The thief took away three pairs of knit woollen stockings.


At Thoralby on the 24th, Mrs Stephen Mattison of a son [John, father Shoemaker].

[Both John Nicholson and Stephen Mattison can be seen living in Thoralby in the 1841 census for Thoralby].




By Mr John Dent, Auctioneer, on Wed-

nesday and Thursday, the 1st abd 2nd days if April,

1846, a large assortment of Modern and Elegant

Household FURNITURE, &c., &c., the property of

Mr. [Thomas] Hogg, who is leaving the neighbourhood;

COMPRISING 3 sets of Elegant Mahogany Chairs with hair seating, 1 set of Elm Ditto, 1 set of painted Bedroom Ditto, several Mahogany Dining, Loo, Pembroke, and other Tables, a splendid 6 Octave Cabinet Piano Forte in handsome Mahogany Case, various Bedsteads, handsome Mahogany Escritoire and Book Case, Pier and Swing Glasses in gilt frames, Moreen Window Curtains with gilt, cornices, Brussels, Venetian, and other Carpets, handsome Brass, Bronze, and other Fenders, Brass and Polished Fire Irons, Passage Oil Cloths, an elegant Mahogany Sofa, Chimney Ornaments, Hat Stand, several Mahogany and Painted Chests of Drawers, Towel Rails, Night Commode, Wash Stands, a capital Eight Days Clock with Mahogany Case; also a large assortment of Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, including Oak and Deal Tables, Cupboards, sets of Dish Covers, Winter Hedges, and a large variety of other useful Property. Also a great quantity of Milking and Brewing Vessels, &c., comprising Brass Kettle, Lead Bowls, Churns, Cheese Vats and Presses, Barrels, Bottles, Pots, Plates, Dishes, Pans, Cans, &c. 1 Gig and Harness, Saddles, Bridles, 1 Cart and Wheels, Plough, Cart and Plough Gears, Ladders, Rakes Forks, Spades and Shovels, Gripes, Cow Chains, &c., with a variety of other articles too tedious to enumerate.

The whole to be sold for Ready Money; the sale to commence each day precisely at twelve o'clock.

Littleburn, 19th March, 1846.

[The Hogg family living at Littleburn, can be viewed in the 1841 census for Thoralby].

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 26th May, 1846


At Aisgarth, on the 18th inst., Mr James Thwaite, to Elizabeth Russell, of Thoralby

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 9th June, 1846


At the Collgiate Church Middleham, ...  On the 6th, Mr Thomas Tennant, of Thoralby, to Miss Elizabeth Handley, of Middleham.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 1st September, 1846


On the 7th, at Barker, in Bishopdale [Thoralby] Mrs James Lambert, of a son [Thomas, father occupation Labourer].


On the 5th ult., at Cote Bottom, in Bishopdale [Thoralby] Jane, daughter of Mr John Hammond, aged 16 days.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 8th December, 1846

Reproduced courtesy of the Macfie-Calvert Collection at the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes.

[For other references about Thoralby Feast see also 7th December, 1847, below and 28th November, 1863].



 The Wensleydale Advertiser – 22nd December, 1846



At Thoralby, on Monday the 14th, Mr Christopher Durham of a son. 


On the 15th inst., at Thoralby, Ann, wife of Mr. Thos. Hammond, aged 24 years.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 16th March, 1847



On the 8th ult., at Thoralby, Mrs John Bywell Sadler of a daughter [Margaret, fathers occupation yeoman].










The Wensleydale Advertiser – 13th April,1847



At Aisgarth, on the 5th inst., Mr Richard Waller [butcher], to Dorothy, daughter of Mr James Thwaite, innkeeper, all of Thoralby.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 7th December, 1847



At Wharnford [Warnford] Cottage, Thoralby, on Saturday, the 27th ult., Mrs Wm. Purchas, of a daughter [Alice, fathers occupation Solicitor].

Reproduced courtesy of the Macfie-Calvert Collection at the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes.

[For other references about Thoralby Feast see also 1st September, 1846, above and 28th November, 1863].

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 1st February, 1848



At Aisgarth church, on the 22nd, Mr Wm. Brown, of Leyburn Moor, to Ann, daughter of Martha Tennant, of Thoralby.


At Thoralby, on the 28th, Mrs Sharp, of Hall Garth, and formerly of London, aged 88.

The Wensleydale Advertiser – 14th  March, 1848



A wanton mischief was committed here on Sunday evening week on the premises of Mr T. [Tully] Lamb, during his absence from home. The guilty parties "out of mere joke" smashed a window and frame to pieces.

[Mr Tully Lamb can be seen in the 1841 and 1851 census for Thoralby, where his occupation was a tailor].








The Wensleydale Advertiser – 28th March, 1848



At Heaning, in Bishopdale [Thoralby], on Thursday week, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Robert Metcalfe, aged 2.


Sheffield Independent – 15th April, 1848


  NAMES of PERSONS who have been brought




... Robson, Christpr., Thoralby



Birmingham Journal – 9th September, 1848


The annual meeting of the governors and friends of the Queen's College was held on the Wednesday week ... 

* Students resident in College, Senior Department.

... 19. J. Metcalfe, Thoralby, Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Gazette – 5th May, 1849



RALPH LODGE, of Bishopdale, in the Parish of Aysgarth, in the County of York, the Valuer acting in the matter of the Inclosure of Thornton Moor or Common, West Pasture or Jaque’s Close, Robinson’s Close or Middle Pasture, East Pasture and Thoralby Nook Pasture, situate in the Township of Thornton Rust aforesaid in the County of York, hereby give Notice, that a Schedule of all Claims and Objections which have been made in the matter of the said Inclosure, and of my determination thereon, has been deposited at the School House, in Thornton Rust aforesaid, in the said Parish, for the inspection of all Persons interested therein.


Given under my Hand, this Twenty Fifth Day of April, in the Year of our Lord 1849.



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