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 Thoralby - O.S.

Map 1856

                  The NLS (the National Library of Scotland) have a full collection of Scottish maps,  they do have also                                          several years of (out of copyright) Ordnance Survey six inch and one inch maps covering England.


If you go to the LINKS page on my website it will give you the link to maps that cover Thoralby and other places.  You can move around them by grabbing and pulling, zooming in and out. You can even print copies. If you want to explore the full NLS collection click on the NLS link, on my website. 

Below is the O.S. Map for Thoralby Village 1856. I have underlined some of the more notable features. Such as: Two Public Houses; The George Inn and The Dales Volunteer (now The Grove); Two Chapels: Wesleyan Methodist (c.1821) and the Primitive Methodist (c.1849); Thoralby Corn Mill; The Post Office; Poor's Land and Pinfold; a Lead Mine in Heaning Gill and Air Shaft on Eastfield Lane; Millbeck Bridge below Heaning, to indicate the earlier mill on Heaning Gill.  The Sluice and Mill Race to the Corn Mill. The arrow at Warnford which shows the circular driveway and the arrow at the end of Goose Lane, shows a Foot Bridge. The field over the bridge is also part of Thoralby Township Detached, as are East Holm and Nellhom. Click on the links to view the map for their location.

Click on a map to enlarge it, then click on the two arrows at the top left corner to show the image full-screen size.

© Thoralby Through Time
© Thoralby Through Time
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