Courtesy of Frank & Martha E. Snaith.

Note this section is constantly been updated as additional names are released.

The Identity Register contains details of more than 41 million individuals.

Lines left blank indicate a person is either still alive (details remain confidential) or has died recently.

For each individual, the following details are included:

  • address

  • schedule number

  • sub number

  • surname

  • first name(s)

  • role (for institutions only – for example, Officer, Visitor, Servant, Patient, Inmate)

  • gender

  • date of birth

  • marital status

  • occupation

  • whether the individual was a member of the armed services or reserves

  • information is arranged by enumeration district and household 

Below are the original 1939 Identity Cards for my grandparents: Frank and Martha E. Snaith, Household No. 48, Holmeside Farm: 1 and 2. Frank Snaith's card is different his wife Martha's, because from 1943 on, he was a member of the National Fire Service.













































































E.D. Letter Code  J HAN               Borough, U.D. or R.D.  Aysgarth    Registration District and Sub-district  539/1

               Completed by me  W.E. Metcalfe   Enumerator   Date  Oct 2nd   

Friday 29th September

1939 Identity Register: 


Postcard showing Holmeside Farm and the village of Thoralby.


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